Can I wear sexy underwear to work?

Can I wear sexy underwear to work?

Can I wear sexy underwear to work?This is a topic that is often discussed.Although sexy underwear is a very private clothing, many women like to wear it to improve their confidence, or show sexy charm on specific occasions.Can I work in the workplace, can I work in sexy underwear to work?Let’s find out below.

Choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

Pay attention to the choice of style when wearing sex underwear. It is best to be simple and elegant to avoid too complicated and sexy styles, such as sexy underwear with hollow, lace, bow and other decoration.It is recommended to choose more elegant colors, such as black, gray, white and skin tone.

Comply with the company’s dressing regulations

When considering wearing fun underwear to go to work, we must first understand the company’s dressing requirements.Different companies have different requirements for dressing, and different positions also have different dressing requirements.If the company stipulates that you should not wear too exposed and unable to go to work, do not try to wear sexy underwear.

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Avoid resentment from colleagues

If you decide to wear a sexy underwear to work, you must pay attention not to cause colleagues’ resentment.In the office, we must abide by certain social norms to avoid wearing exposed and unshakable clothing to interfere with colleagues’ work.

Choose the appropriate occasion

If you want to work in sexy underwear, it is best to do it on some special occasions, such as the company’s independent day, Halloween, and employee birthday.In these occasions, the company generally opens some costume restrictions, and you can try to wear sexy underwear.

Don’t affect work efficiency

When wearing sexy underwear to work, do not let it affect your work efficiency, such as being too stubborn, uncomfortable, inconvenient to walk.When wearing, be sure to relax and ensure your comfort.

Consider Male Gaze

Never show your sexy as Male Gaze.Wearing erotic underwear should be for self -confidence, elegance, not to attract the attention of others.Don’t indulge yourself too much, and don’t emphasize your sexy charm too much.

Avoid negative effects on the professional image

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When wearing sexy underwear to work, be careful not to have a negative impact on your professional image.After all, in work occasions, people pay more attention to professional ability, not personal sexy charm.

To further show self -confidence and strength

For some workplace women, wearing sexy underwear to work can also become a way to show their confidence and strength.Women must bravely show their own characteristics and personality, and use their own talents and strength to win the recognition and respect of colleagues and superiors.


Whether it is suitable to work in sex underwear, it is still necessary to look at it according to the specific circumstances.In the workplace, we must not only pay attention to our sexy charm, but also pay attention to our professional quality and image.The most important thing is to respect the company’s rules and colleagues’ feelings, and be reasonable and decent.