Do you wear branches in sexy underwear?

Do you wear branches in sexy underwear?

Do you want to wear bras in sexy underwear?

When we talk about sexy underwear, the first question we want to know is often the branch for the bra?

Some sexy underwear does not require bra

For some erotic lingerie, especially corset or chest top, they usually have enough inner lining or inner pads to make you do not need to wear bra.At this time, choosing not to wear branches is completely feasible. You can choose the appropriate sexy underwear as needed and put on them with confidence.

Some erotic underwear requires bra

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However, for other erotic underwear, such as transparent lace underwear, steel rim corset or other styles that need to be supported, whether it is necessary or need to wear bras, it will become a more complicated problem.

Benefits of wearing bra

There are many benefits to wear bras, such as providing additional support to avoid sagging or deformation of the chest, making the chest more upright and attractive.If you already have a pair of natural and beautiful breasts, wearing bras can also highlight your body advantages.

The benefits of not wearing bra

If you choose not to wear a bra, you can make your body more natural, avoid breathable or compression when wearing tight underwear or sexy underwear.In addition, some fun underwear style design is very suitable for not wearing bras, and you can directly present your chest shape and curve.

The combination of sexy underwear and bra

If you choose to wear a chest, you need to consider how to match your sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear and bras will look too heavy or unsuitable, while other sexy underwear may require more support, and it needs to be paired with closer bras.

How to match the bra

When paired with the bra, you should choose the style and size suitable for your figure.Ideally, your bras should have no obvious contradiction with your sexy underwear and can give you enough support.If the sexy underwear you choose is more transparent in color and texture, choosing skin tone or transparent bra is a good choice.

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How to choose sexy underwear

Finally, you should choose a sexy lingerie style that suits your figure.Everyone’s body is different, so the most important thing is that you should choose sexy underwear suitable for your body, and pay attention to whether you need extra support.If you are not sure what you want to choose, you can try to put on sexy underwear first, and then choose the right bra.

in conclusion

Whether you choose to wear bras or not, the key is to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body and choose the right bra when you need it.As long as you adhere to this principle, you can definitely wear a perfect effect.