How much is the franchise fee for Henan sex underwear?

How much is the franchise fee for Henan sex underwear?

How much is the franchise fee for Henan sex underwear?

As a business model, sexy lingerie has been well seen by consumers.Many people have the desire to start a business and want to join a sexy underwear shop, but they do not know how much joining the cost of joining. Let ’s discuss how much money to join in Henan sex underwear.

Factors of the brand

Brand is an important factor affecting the franchise fee of sexy underwear.The franchise fee of many brands is very expensive, generally more than 100,000 yuan.Some well -known brands such as Mingyi, celebrities, Fenzha, Emperor, and Xiang Kiss have high franchise costs, especially new brands, and most of the franchise fees are more than 100,000 yuan.

The area of the store

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The area required for the franchise of sexy underwear will also affect the franchise fee.If the area of the franchise store is large, it is necessary to invest more funds for rent, decoration and equipment, and the franchise fee will increase.

Geographical location of franchise stores

Geographical location is also a factor affecting the franchise fee.In a relatively prosperous business district, the threshold for joining will be higher than that of residential areas or remote areas.Because in the bustling commercial areas, rents and people will be higher, but the franchise fee will increase.

The problem of brand awareness

The brand awareness is also an important factor affecting the franchise fee of sexy underwear. The number of well -known brand franchise fees is relatively high.However, joining well -known brands will bring corresponding benefits, such as high popularity, good market sales, good brand image, etc. The corresponding profits are considerable.

The support of the sex underwear system

The support of the company’s franchise company’s support for franchisees will also affect the franchise fee.Some erotic lingerie companies will provide services such as decoration design, logistics distribution, training support, market planning, etc. These services need to be invested.Therefore, the franchise fee will gradually increase with the increase in support.


The franchise period is also a factor affecting the franchise fee. The one -year period ranges from about 18,000 to 100,000 yuan.The longer the franchise period, the higher the cost of the franchise, because the longer the franchise period, the franchisee can get more support and support, which increases the company’s risk to a certain extent.


The cost of digital spokesperson

The current sex underwear industry generally likes to choose digital spokesperson for promotion.In this way, consumers can understand the characteristics of the product more intuitively, but this part of the cost needs to be borne by the franchisee.The cost of digital spokespersons is relatively high, but it is a necessary thing.

Advertising cost

The costs used by merchants to promote the sales profit space, and the price reduction of the brand also directly reduces the profit margin of channel vendors and has a direct impact.Each advertising promotion will bring consumption upgrades, but the cost of advertising is also considerable.

The beauty and decoration style of franchise stores

The beauty of a sexy underwear shop is a problem that needs to be thought carefully.The store is neat, the layout is reasonable, and the decoration style is in line with the taste of consumers.This part of the cost is indispensable, but after long -term operation, the benefits are very obvious.


In general, the franchise fee of Henan’s sex underwear is based on comprehensive factors such as brand, store area, geographical location, franchise period, and aesthetics.Different brands have different prices. If the franchise fee of well -known brands is high, the new brand franchise fee is relatively low.When choosing to join the sexy underwear business, pay attention to the service support of the strength, credibility, qualifications, and the comprehensive evaluation of the customer group. At the same time, we must pay attention to the service support of the details of brand promotion, pre -sale and after -sales service.