What are the front -style gathered lingerie?

What are the front -style gathered lingerie?

In modern fashion, sexy underwear has become an important costume, attracting more and more consumers’ attention.Among them, the front -style gathering sexy underwear is a very popular style.Today, let’s discuss: What are the front -opening gathers in sex underwear.

1. Follow -up gathered bra

The front -open -style gathered bra is the most common underwear style.This bra is usually equipped with zipper or buttons, which is convenient for penetration and removal.It can wrap the breast tightly, making the chest shape more three -dimensional and plump.In addition, it is very suitable for women who have been born or breastfeed.

2. Forest

The front -style gathered jacket is a very sexy and charming underwear.This kind of jacket is close to the body, wrapped the waist and hips tightly, highlighting the figure line, giving a strong sexy atmosphere.At the same time, it is also very easy to wear and take off, which is convenient for nude games.

3. Follow -up gathered vest

The front -open vest is more suitable for daily life.This vest adopts a front -open design, which can easily take through and remove, and the front with a steel cup is strong to effectively enhance the chest shape.In addition, it is also equipped with detachable shoulder straps, which can also be freely matched as needed.

4. Follow -up gathered bras

The front -opening gathered bras is a very practical sexy underwear.It is usually composed of bra, thong and lace gloves, making the whole dress more complete and sexy.In addition, this set can also be freely matched to adapt to different occasions.

5. Follow -up gathering bikini

The front -style gathering bikini is a sexy underwear suitable for beach vacation.This underwear is more eye -catching than the traditional bikini, which makes people’s eyes shine.It uses a front -open design to make the entire figure more sexy and charming.

6. Follow -up gathered suspender shirt

The front -style clustering shirt is defined as a thin and light underwear, which is composed of a tulle or transparent material.It is light and soft, very suitable for wearing in summer.At the same time, some brands of suspenders can be paired with transparent long skirts to give people a more sexy effect.

7. Follow -up gathered long -sleeved dress

The front -style gathered long -sleeved dress is a more beautiful and elegant sexy underwear.The sleeves of this dress are very long, covering most of the arms.It adopts a front -open design, close to the chest curve, and highlights the waist and hips.At the same time, it is also very suitable for wearing in winter.

8. Follow -up gathered robe

The front -opening gathered gathered robe is a very comfortable bed erotic underwear.It is light and soft, breathable is very good, which is very suitable for wearing in summer.In addition, it also designed the front -style shape with the heart, making women’s breasts look fuller and upright, which is very suitable for bed games.

In summary, there are many styles of the front -style gathering of sexy underwear.Not only can they highlight the lines of the figure, enrich your sex life, but also make you more confident and beautiful.So, if you have no front -style gathering of sexy underwear, then choose one from it and experience the visual and sensory enjoyment it brings to you!

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