What are the lovely brands of men’s sexy underwear?

What are the lovely brands of men’s sexy underwear?

1. Intro: The concept of men’s sex lingerie

Fun underwear has always been considered a female patent, but in recent years, men’s erotic underwear has begun to enter people’s sight.Men’s erotic underwear is not just to inspire sexual desires. Some men will also increase self -confidence and improve self -esteem. It is a part of male health.

2. Successful example: Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is one of the famous brands in the men’s sex lingerie industry. It is committed to providing men with more diverse and comfortable products.The brand’s sexy underwear is known for its innovative design, high -quality fabrics and imagination.

3. Cute style: pump

Pump is a men’s sexy underwear brand from Canada. They focus on providing comfortable underwear products for men.The brand’s sexy underwear is mainly known for its fresh and cute design style.

4. Personal recommendation: Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi is a Greek male sexy underwear brand. Its design emphasizes the characteristics of fashion and personalization, and has brought great changes to men.The brand’s fun underwear is widely used in different occasions, suitable for different men.

5. Fashion taste: C-in2

C-IN2 is a men’s sexy underwear brand from the United States. Its design concept is to shape the body of men more perfect and enhance the beauty of men.The brand’s sexy underwear is suitable for men who pursue fashion and taste.

6. Comfortable and sophisticated: Malebasics

Malebasics is a Men’s sexy underwear brand from Colombia. It focuses on providing men with comfortable feelings and simple styles but sophisticated.The brand’s sexy underwear is very extreme in design, often reflects fineness and texture.

7. Sexy power: Slipe

SLIPE is a German men’s sexy underwear brand. It has been committed to providing men with high sexy sexy underwear products for ten years.The brand’s interesting underwear mainly emphasizes sexy and skin -friendly, suitable for men with confidence and strong desire to break through the external vision and try new things.

8. Fashion Trends: 2 (X) IST

2 (X) IST is a male sex lingerie brand from the United States, with fashion trends as the main purpose, so their design philosophy is a fashion that has not yet arrived.The brand’s sexy underwear is welcomed by young people with high innovation, high cost performance.

9. Transparent popular: Gregg Homme

Gregg Homme is a men’s sexy underwear brand from Canada, especially good at transparent sexy underwear series.The brand’s sexy lingerie is diverse, including various types of underwear from basic models to avant -garde models.

10. Summary view

Men’s sexy underwear is a growing market, and new brands continue to enter.These cute brands provide men with more choices and styles, and also improve the fashion taste and confidence of men.Because of the special attributes of sexy underwear, we should also pay attention to quality and style suitable for ourselves when choosing to achieve the ideal comfort and health effect.

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