What are the main brands of sexy underwear?

Fun underwear main brand introduction

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secrets are sexy underwear brands from the United States, which are characterized by sexy, star endorsements and fashion shows.The brand’s sexy lingerie is rich in style, and everything from underwear to pajamas and swimsuits.There are extensive consumer groups worldwide.

2. La Perla (La Perla)

Black Swan is an Italian erotic underwear brand, founded in 1954.The brand focuses on details and art, and advocates that women’s sexy is a manifestation of art.Black Swan’s sexy lingerie style is unique and noble, and is a favorite brand of celebrities and fashionable people.

Third, Reddit

Reysha is a messy underwear brand in Mexico. It was founded in 1958.Since its establishment, the brand has been known for its high -quality fabrics and unique design styles.Reysha’s sexy lingerie is rich in style, including underwear, swimsuits, pajamas, socks and accessories. Most of the designs use bright colors and elegant styles.

Fourth, Avon (Avon)

Avon is a sexy underwear brand from the United States, founded in 1886.The brand is characterized by unique underwear materials and good reputation effects on quality, value and good word of mouth.Avon’s sexy lingerie style is stylish and bold, and is the first choice for young women who like to pursue trend.

Fifth, Fredric’s (Versace)

Frederick is a Italian sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 1982.The brand emphasizes the beauty of internal and external, the design process is fine, and the quality passes.Frederick’s sexy lingerie style is fashionable and sexy, revealing a distinctive and unique personality.

6. Sloggi

SLOGGI is a Swiss sexy underwear brand, founded in 1979.The brand is characterized by comfort, nature and practicality, and strives to provide women with the best quality sexy underwear.Sloggi’s sexy lingerie style advocates simple and natural, without any extra design elements.

7. Antarctica (Antarctica)

Anta is a Chinese sex lingerie brand, which was founded in 1994.The brand is known for its professional underwear production technology, high -quality materials, and the design of details.Anta’s sexy lingerie styles include sporty underwear, sexy sexy underwear and daily lingerie, which are loved by consumers at home and abroad.

8. Aubade

Benjamin is a French sex lingerie brand, founded in 1958.The brand’s uniqueness is the ultimate pursuit of underwear, tailoring and style.Benjamin’s sexy underwear advocates self -confidence, courage, and autonomy, and for the women’s market for independence.

Nine, Paula Yachubian

Paula Yeli is a Lebanese sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 2003.The brand’s characteristics are that from material to design, it reflects a unique pure beauty everywhere.Paula Yeli’s sexy lingerie style advocates sexy and elegant style. It is the selection of many strawberries and ladies.

Ten, HUIT (Huit)

Humidini is a French sexy underwear brand, founded in 1968.The brand is characterized by integrating popular elements with sexy elements to create a new sexy underwear style.Hadini has a wide range of sexy underwear, with unique design and diverse style.

Summary point of view:

The fun underwear style of each brand is different, but they all pay attention to the establishment of product quality and professional quality.Choosing a brand and style that suits you is the most important. Do not pursue style and trend too much, but to maintain your uniqueness and self -confidence.

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