What color does sex lingerie buy?

What color does sex lingerie buy?

1. Black color sexy underwear

Black is a classic color. For most people, choosing black sexy underwear is a good choice.Whether it is perspective models, hollow models, open -back or other styles, black can make women emit a mysterious and sexy temptation.

2. Red color sexy underwear

Red symbolizes enthusiasm and desire.Suitable for those who are confident and vibrant.When choosing red color sexy underwear, it is recommended to pay attention to choosing higher quality, because once the quality is not good, red will look cheap.

3. Pink sexy underwear

Pink is a gentle and cute color.Suitable for women who like girls feel.When girls choose pink pornographic underwear, they can choose some styles with elements such as lace and bow to reflect their personalized and romantic feelings.

4. White erotic sheet

White is a pure and noble color.Suitable for women who like simple and clean.When choosing a white erotic underwear, it is recommended to choose simple lines and simple design styles, which will make yourself look more innocent and cute.

5. Pork erotic underwear

Pork color is a very versatile color.Suitable to match any clothing.The meat -colored erotic underwear can effectively highlight the women’s skin and body curve, making them look more attractive.

6. Blue sexy underwear

Blue is a relatively neutral color, suitable for those women who like publicity.Blue sex underwear usually uses bright colors with transparent materials, which can make women more confident and charming.

7. Yellow sex shell

Yellow symbolizes sunlight and vitality.Suitable for women who like to follow the public.When choosing yellow sexy underwear, you can choose some styles with optimism and positive atmosphere, such as sexy underwear printed with various patterns.

8. Purple color sexy underwear

Purple is very mysterious and dark.Suitable for women who like to pursue luxury and elegance.When choosing purple pornographic underwear, you can choose some smooth lines and unique design to make yourself look more noble and elegant.

9. Green erotic underwear

Green is a very lively and fresh color.Suitable for women who like natural feelings.When choosing green sexy underwear, you can choose some styles such as flowers, plants and other elements to highlight your personalization and cuteness.

10. Color matching sexy underwear

In addition to a single color, there are some sexy underwear with color matching.This sexy underwear uses a variety of colors to make women look more energetic and individual.But when choosing this sexy underwear, be careful not to choose too gorgeous and complex styles.

In summary, the color selection of sexy underwear should be comprehensively considered combined with its own skin tone, temperament style, personal preference and other factors.After selecting the color, you can choose the right style to highlight your sexy charm.

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