What do boys go to sex underwear shops to buy?

What do boys go to sex underwear shops to buy?

It is a bit uncomfortable for boys to go to sex underwear shops.However, it is not uncommon for male customers to go to such stores.They may be buying gifts for their girlfriends or wives, or buying their sexy underwear.Whatever the reason, understanding the basic knowledge of some sexy underwear will be more confident when buying goods in these stores.Next, I will tell you what the boy goes to the sexy underwear shop.

1. Know the size of you or your girlfriend

When buying any clothes or underwear, the most important point is to understand your size.When buying underwear in a sexy underwear store, make sure you know your or your girlfriend’s extra size, such as bust, waist circumference, and even hips or clothing.Otherwise, you may buy inappropriate size instead of the result you want.

2. The fabric is very important

The purchased underwear making materials are very important for comfort, quality and dressing.Under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear sold in these stores use graphite, lace, mesh texture and other materials, but it is very important to ensure comfort to avoid itching or uncomfortable.

3. Learn different types of underwear

Interest underwear is not just bra and underwear.They come from different styles, such as vests, tights, exposed abdomen and umbilicals, conjoined underwear, and so on.Before buying sexy underwear, you should make sure you know all available styles and types for wise purchases.

4. Maybe it is not suitable

Interest underwear is often tight or tight or close to the body than other clothing, which means that it may be a bit uncomfortable.Their design inspiration comes from sexy rather than comfort, but this does not necessarily mean sacrifice comfort.Choose a style of comfort and sexy balance.

5. Color and design

There are many different colors and designs to choose from sexy underwear, from black, red, blue, pink, to beige, dark blue and flowers and other colors.When choosing, consider more practicality and personalization.

6. Quality and durability

The quality of sexy underwear is very important, otherwise the poor quality underwear will easily defor or wear in a short time.Therefore, you should buy a brand -guaranteed and durable sexy underwear.

7. Safety and worry -free

Interest underwear is a very private purchase, and some boys will feel a little uncomfortable.However, if you can choose regular stores and well -known brands, many uneasy factors will be resolved, and the underwear purchased will also ensure quality standards and production standards.

8. Is it suitable for you?

Boys buying sexy underwear is different from girls just understand the size. It is also necessary to consider whether their body shape and body shape are suitable for this underwear, so as not to take off their clothes. It feels that it is no different from Liangmin.personality.

9. No need to force

Do not need to pursue those special styles and designs that are particularly bold or breakthrough in order to make yourself sexy or change yourself. Sexy can also return to the truth.Essence

10. Confidence is the key

No matter what kind of sexy underwear, wearing it means to have the opportunity to express itself.Underwear is more to express your own self -confidence and characteristics, so you must wear it like you have the best things in the world to truly achieve your desired results.

Conclusion: When choosing and buying sexy underwear, boys need to pay attention to size, fabric, style, durability, color, self -expression, and self -confidence that they do not have to force to enjoy sexy underwear.A true essence of luxury enjoyment and comfort.

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