What should I do?


Recently, the wind and water that you and men’s bonsai friends have risen, and you have a deeper understanding of each other.However, he suddenly made special requirements for you recently. He hopes that you can put on sexy underwear, and you decide to deal with this situation after careful thinking.

Understand the meaning of love underwear

The significance of wearing a sex lingerie is to help promote the improvement of the relationship between the two people and make the life of couples more interesting and vibrant.Many people believe that sexy underwear can create a sense of mystery and romance, making people more emotional and passionate.Of course, this is just a prejudice, and people need to respect each other’s thoughts more.

Consider your own opinions and feelings

Before giving the answer, you need to consider your attitude towards this.Are you willing to wear fun underwear?Do you think this is appropriate?If you feel unacceptable, you should firmly express your thoughts and positions to the male friends.If you feel that you are acceptable, then you need to consider the next process.

Communicate with male pots well

If you are willing to wear fun underwear, then you need to communicate frankly with male bonsai friends.In the process of communication, you should express your thoughts and feelings to the male friends.Tell him your attitude and perspective to this, let him understand your position.

Understand the idea of male pot friends

In the process of friendly communication with the male pot, you should ask him why he wants you to wear sexy underwear.Understanding his thoughts and positions may allow you to better understand the comparison.When you know his thoughts, you can make decisions based on clear facts.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

If you decide to put on a sexy underwear, you need to choose the size and style for you.Don’t choose a style that is too exposed or not suitable for your own, which will give you a psychological burden and discomfort.Choose a sexy underwear that you like and comfortable, so as to achieve real results.

Consider occasion and emotional factors

Before wearing sexy underwear, you need to consider the occasion and emotional factors.If you are in the family environment, then you can put on sexy underwear safely.But if you are in public, you need to be cautious.Obviously, emotional factors also need to be considered, whether it depends on your attitude and understanding of emotion.

Clarify your bottom line

Before considering putting on sexy underwear, you need to clarify your bottom line.If you feel that you can’t accept something, then you need the courage to express your attitude firmly.No matter what the men’s pots say or do, you should keep your own ideas from being disturbed.

Reference professional opinion

It is necessary to mention a professional opinion, and the opinion of seeking professional institutions or individuals is a good option.Professional institutions can provide all precautions and suggestions about wearing sexy underwear, which allows you to better understand this activity and make better decisions.

in conclusion

Combined with the above introduction, wearing erotic underwear can enhance the feelings between two people, but you need to consider and choose the appropriate way before you wear it.The final decision is based on your understanding and respect for yourself, rather than catering to male pot friends or inferiority.

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