When you find that your boyfriend looks at sexy underwear

Paragraph 1: Normal phenomenon

For many men, looking at sex underwear is not a strange thing.This may be because they have a better sensitivity to the aesthetics of women’s bodies, or because they want to better understand the preferences of their girlfriends.

Paragraph 2: Understand the motivation of her boyfriend

If you find that your boyfriend looks at sex underwear, you should first understand his motivation.Is he just interested in sexy underwear, or do you want to surprise you?This may involve communication and understanding in your relationship, because everyone’s viewing angle is different.

Duan 3: Ask your boyfriend

If you feel that you have a negative impact on your relationship on your relationship, then you should ask your boyfriend’s sight why the reason why your boyfriend falls on the erotic underwear, or why he is interested in this type of underwear.Direct open dialogue may help solve the problem.

Paragraph 4: Self -protection

People sometimes feel uneasy because they may think that watching sex underwear is a signal, indicating that their partners may be looking for more exciting sexual experience.But this may be unnecessary.Before doing behavior, you need to explore your boundaries and desires.

Paragraph 5: Accept or refuse

In some cases, my boyfriend may want to surprise you, or want to improve the atmosphere in a romantic night.However, if you don’t want to wear a messy underwear, you have the right to refuse.In the conversation, you can also mention your expectations in this area.

Duanzai 6: Pay attention to the boyfriend’s response

If you decide to wear fun underwear, then you should pay attention to your boyfriend’s reaction.Will he feel happy and excited?This may be a way to strengthen relationships.Or, he may feel uneasy and confused, which may indicate that they need to dialogue or build your relationship.

Duan Chu 7: Explore your desire

If you find that you are curious about sexy underwear, this may be a way to explore your desire.However, you should first think about your own thoughts, and then try this new experience.Actions in the most natural way, not for compulsory.

Duan Eight: Guide the attention of her boyfriend

If you want your boyfriend to pay more attention to you, then wearing a sexy underwear may be a good idea.This may be a way to guide my boyfriend’s attention because it can increase your intimacy and enthusiasm.

Paragraph 9: Choose a close -up underwear

In addition to sexy underwear, you can also choose other personal underwear.For example, you can choose transparent lace underwear or high -quality ordinary underwear, etc. These underwear may bring you unexpected sexy effects without making you feel embarrassed.

Paragraph 10: In short

When dealing with sexual problems, the most important thing is openness and honesty.Only through communication and clear boundaries can you build a healthy relationship.If your boyfriend likes sexy underwear, then you can cooperate to explore this area that may bring more happiness.At the same time, you should also pay attention to your feelings, and don’t make yourself feel uneasy without unnecessary situations.

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