Where is the purchase of sexy underwear procurement wholesale market?

Where is the purchase of sexy underwear procurement wholesale market?

For merchants operating in sex lingerie business, it is very important to choose a good procurement channel.So, where should the sexy underwear procurement wholesale market be purchased?This article will introduce you to several options.

1. Taobao, Tmall, JD.com

Taobao, Tmall, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms are one of the hottest shopping channels in recent years. For the sexy underwear wholesale market, there are many businesses on these platforms and many sexy underwear products.Some merchants also provide preferential wholesale prices for you to choose from, but it should be noted that these merchants do not have physical stores, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended to choose shops with high credibility and high praise rate.

2. Quota underwear production base

In China, many cities have fun underwear production bases. There are many factories in the base. You can buy various sexy underwear products through direct contact with the factory. The price is relatively low and the quality is relatively high.However, it should be noted that some factories may cause orders due to different production differences, and sufficient time need to be reserved in advance.

3. Professional sexy underwear wholesale market

In addition to the above two channels, there are also more professional sexy underwear wholesale markets, such as Shenzhen Shajing sex underwear wholesale market, Guangzhou wholesale market, and so on.These markets have a lot of sexy underwear products suppliers, and the price space is relatively large. It can take a large -scale discount in the way to open a long -term cooperation.However, it should be noted that this kind of way requires field inspection, and it is not appropriate to place an order easily.

4. Overseas wholesale market

If you are a merchant operating high -end sexy underwear, you can try to search for some foreign sex underwear wholesale markets, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, such as business advantages.In these markets, you can find more domestic and foreign sexy underwear brands and introduce them to the Chinese market.However, it should be noted that because the procurement channels are relatively long -distance, transportation costs and tariffs may increase costs, and decisions need to be made after calculating profits.

5. Quota Underwear Exhibition

Every year, there are many interesting underwear -related exhibitions, such as the China International Fown Culture Festival, the Shanghai Funeral Exhibition and so on.At these exhibitions, you can directly contact the sexy underwear brand merchants to discuss procurement matters.At the same time, at the exhibition site, you can watch on -site, on -site goods, and on -site talks. You can better understand love underwear products, and you can also find a lot of popular brand fashion products.

6. Social media platform

In recent years, various social media platforms have become more and more popular, such as WeChat and Weibo.Some sexy underwear brands will also carry out official micro -promotion activities, marketing activities, etc. on these platforms, and even open up micro -shops to carry out sexy underwear products.Through social media platforms, you can interact with brand merchants at any time to understand product information and participate in promotional activities.

7. Agent or newspaper advertisements

In many cases, some agents or newspapers can help you.The agent can help you find the right manufacturer or a ready -made brand in this field, and newspapers and magazine advertisements can make your sexy underwear shop attract more attention and more customers, thereby expanding sales.Of course, these two methods may need to invest larger funds, so sufficient market research and fund planning need to be carried out.

8. Global Resources Trade Market

Furthermore, if your sexy underwear shop is also sold overseas, it is recommended to choose the global resource trading market.For example, Hong Kong’s overseas import sex underwear market, the United States Las Vegas Global Business and Fun Health Fair, etc. These markets are mainly sexy lingerie categories, and can find better quality sexy underwear suppliers.

9. Pioneering its own brand

How to get a share in the market?You can consider developing your own brand.Its brand can better control the supply chain of sexy underwear products and ensure the quality and profits of the product. For businesses with strong brand consciousness, this method is a choice.

10. Summary view

Each procurement channel has its advantages and disadvantages.In the process of choosing the procurement channel, we need to comprehensively consider the cost -effectiveness, quality, quality, manufacturer’s reputation, and procurement cycle. With the intensified market competition, starting from the channel, it can make the interesting underwear business better.

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