Will everyone buy a sexy underwear for themselves?


Interest underwear, to some extent, represents sexy, confident and relaxation, is a pursuit of your body and beauty.However, many people do not buy sexy underwear for themselves. They think that doing so will make themselves embarrassed. There is no doubt that everyone’s instinct is to hope that their bodies have a certain privacy.This article will explore why everyone is unwilling to buy sexy underwear for themselves from multiple perspectives.

Reason one: shortage of sex education

In many families, sex education is a very low -key topic.Parents often feel embarrassed to tell their children about sex, and they do not teach their children how to respect their bodies.Because parents ignore sex education, children lack relevant knowledge about sexy underwear during their growth, which inevitably affect their acceptance of sex underwear.

Reason 2: Social concepts are mixed

In many cultures, sexual and obscene indulgence is considered as immoral and vulgar behaviors, and does not meet social standards.Therefore, in these cultures, erotic underwear is considered negative evaluation such as inactivation and obscenity, which has discouraged many people because they are worried that they will be misunderstood or criticized by others.Therefore, in such a social environment, sexy underwear is not regarded as a thing that advocates beauty and confidence, but is regarded as a sign that represents prostitution and vulgarity.

Reasons 3: There is no reason to buy fun underwear for yourself

Sexy underwear is a luxury to many people.Especially for people with ordinary living conditions, they may need to grant them before purchasing, and sexy underwear looks just to meet the needs of some personal pleasure.Therefore, people will have the idea of wealth and mind or subjectively believe that there is no reason for paying for sexy underwear.This is another main reason why everyone is unwilling to buy sexy underwear.

Reason 4: Lack of channels for understanding love underwear

If people do not know how to understand information and contact sex underwear, they will not know the benefits of sexy underwear and will be skeptical of them.When consumers understand the advantages of love underwear, they will try to buy.However, due to the lack of the promotion of related channels and online stores, people may not know the way to solve the lingerie.

Reason 5: Pursue comfortable

For buying sexy underwear, many sexy underwear design in the market now pays more attention to appearance and sexy, but ignores the comfort of wearing.Wearing discomfort will not only cause physical discomfort, but also weaken people’s self -confidence.Therefore, because people are pursuing comfort and self -confidence, they usually do not buy those uncomfortable sexy underwear.

Reason 6: I don’t know how to buy the right sexy underwear

For buying sexy underwear, how to choose the right size and style may be a problem.If people buy a sexy underwear that is not suitable for themselves, it will cause poor dressing effect and affect a sexy attitude.Therefore, if people do not know how to buy suitable sexy underwear, they will also become the reason why they are unwilling to buy sexy underwear.

Reason 7: Diverse needs

Everyone’s body and needs are different.With more brands and manufacturers pouring into the market, the types and styles of sexy underwear have gradually increased.However, diversified demand means that different consumers need different styles and colors.Those consumers who feel and special needs may be forced by the lack of diversified sexy underwear market without choosing to buy.

Reason 8: Cognition of sex

In most cases, erotic underwear refers to the relaxation and feeling of gender to attracting both parties.However, for some people, sex is not an important part, and even some people do not want to involve problems.Such people may not agree with its existence when they see sexy underwear, and they do not need to buy.

Solution 1: Strengthen sex education

First of all, it is not a matter of negative emotions to let people solve their affection.Because parents often do not introduce sex education to their children, these knowledge can be obtained in media and books outside parents.Fortunately, in most occasions, the school will also provide children with knowledge about sex and sexual health.

Solution 2: Change social concepts

Change social concepts and eliminate cultural imprints. Accepting sex underwear as a personal private thing can help consumers accept sexy underwear.The leaders of policies, laws and mosques can play a greater role.As long as people have the advantages of understanding and fun underwear and the opportunities that these products can create, and think that these manufacturers will not harm their dignity, then they can safely choose to buy sexy underwear.

Solution 3: Diversified market supply

Providing more diversified market supply requires the opportunity to reduce psychological and behavioral bottlenecks alone.Manufacturers can help consumers understand what they need by monitoring their needs.Sometimes consumers do not have a good text description or detailed requirements. Manufacturers need to develop some platforms that facilitate consumer search, interaction and feedback.In addition, manufacturers can focus on showing and recommending their development of sexy underwear on these platforms to guide consumers to dig new needs.


As a sexy underwear expert, my point of view is that sexy underwear represents a certain culture and self -confidence, which is a private, very interesting, attractive and sexy field.Although buying sexy underwear may make people feel embarrassed, if you find a feeling and get happiness from it, this is very worthwhile.Therefore, no matter what the reason you buy sexy underwear, maintain a open mentality, and feel the private and confident style of the representatives, which will bring you new fun and mystery in life.

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