Will girlfriends from sending sexy underwear will be happy?

Will your girlfriend be interested in sexy underwear?

As people’s demand for sexual blessings is growing, more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear, and think that this is a good way to enhance the interest of marriage and life.So, will your girlfriend be happy to accept the sexy underwear you gift?This depends on many factors.

Girlfriend’s personality factors

Girlfriend’s personality is one of the absolute factors that determine whether she likes sexy underwear.Some girls are particularly bold, open and avant -garde. They will be very happy to try different sexy underwear and always prepare to dress themselves more sexy.However, on the contrary, some girls are very conservative and shy. They may not like this kind of thing, and they even feel a little embarrassed.

Girlfriend’s trust degree

If your relationship with your girlfriend is very stable, then sending her sexy underwear is relatively stable.If you are still in the stage of mutual understanding and exploration, this gift may make her feel too eager and reject your care.Therefore, before sending love underwear, we must first determine how stable and deep your feelings are.

The purpose and timing of gifts

Before sending love underwear, we must clarify the meaning of this gift.Want to enhance your intimate relationship through this gift?Or do you want to test her reaction?If you have not obtained her consent, especially on a less special occasion, she may feel that your behavior is inappropriate or even insignificant.

Select the right style and size

Women’s body is particularly important.If you give her a sexy underwear that is not suitable for wearing, or the wrong size, she may feel that you are a prank or counting her.Therefore, if you intend to give sexy underwear, first ask your girlfriend’s favorite color and style to choose a suitable style and size to make her feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful.

Don’t highlight the role of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can increase interest and passion, it does not solve all problems between you.If you have any contradictions or discord between you, it is not enough to rely on a sexy underwear.Therefore, before sending love underwear, consider your relationship status to avoid causing your girlfriend’s dislike.

Correctly understand sexual life

If you want to increase your passion through sexy underwear, why don’t you learn more about sex?This will help you better understand the needs of your girlfriend, and enhance the communication and cooperation between you to create a healthy, happy and happy sex life together.

Sexy underwear maintenance

When I heard the news, the sexy underwear should be maintained well. In addition to normal cleaning, you also need to avoid exposure, especially insects such as dog tail grass and petals.Its high -quality texture.


In short, whether to send a girlfriend of sexy underwear is happy, there is no absolute answer when everyone’s attitude and ideas are different.If you want to send sexy underwear, you must consider your girlfriend’s personality, trust degree, the purpose and timing of gifts, choose the right style and size, and do not rely on sexy underwear to solve all problems.The best way is to strengthen the communication and interaction between you, and gradually create a healthy and happy sex life full of trust, enthusiasm and respect.

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