Will security checks see sexy underwear?

1 Introduction

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear.However, many people are worried that security underwear has been seen by security inspectors in public places such as airports and railway stations.Therefore, this article will answer a very common question. Will security underwear be seen in security underwear?

2. Quota underwear material

Sex underwear is usually made of soft materials, such as silk, cotton, etc.These materials look like ordinary clothes under the X -ray machine, which will not cause security inspectors.

3. The design of sexy underwear

Fun underwear is usually very unique and sexy, but it does not show too many details on the X -ray machine.Because security inspectors are not experts, they cannot distinguish between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear, unless there are a large number of metal decorations or other significant marks on the sexy underwear.

4. The professional knowledge of security inspector

Although security inspectors have undergone professional training, their professional fields are usually limited to identifying dangerous items and illegal items.They have no professional knowledge to identify sexy underwear, so it is unlikely to see sexy underwear on the X -ray machine.

5. Restrictions on security inspection equipment

Modern security instruments are very advanced and can help security inspectors detect various dangerous items, but not all security check equipment have high -resolution X -ray imaging technology, which can better identify sexy lingerie.Some simpler devices do not distinguish these items and ordinary underwear.

6. Processing of private items

If the security inspector finds a sexy underwear or other private items on the X -ray machine, they will generally let you open the suitcase in a privacy area and expose items to the public instead of viewing it directly.If you still have doubts in your heart, you can choose to put the erotic underwear in a portable luggage, because the items in the pocket or carrying bag do not need to be scanned by X -ray.

7. Recognition of illegal items

The main task of security inspectors is to prevent people who carry danger or illegal items enter an airplane or train.Therefore, if you are carrying illegal items, such as drugs or weapons, security inspectors are likely to check your items.If you do not carry any illegal items, even if there are some strange shapes when you check on the X -ray machine, the security inspector will not be confused.

8. Protection of private privacy

According to relevant laws and regulations, security inspectors must protect the private privacy of passengers.They are not allowed to search your luggage at will, nor can they view your personal items.Therefore, the status of sexy underwear will not be made public.

9. Conclusion

In most cases, security inspectors will not see your sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear often does not show too many details on the X -ray machine, and security inspectors do not have the difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear.Therefore, you can carry sexy underwear with confidence without worrying about being discovered by the security inspector.

10. Other precautions

Although sexy underwear does not have much impact on security checks, you should still comply with the provisions of safety and ban items.If you carry illegal items or dangerous goods, it will be illegal and may be prosecuted.Therefore, if you are not sure if you can bring some kinds of items, please consult the relevant hygiene or legal institutions first.

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