Will you wear a sexy underwear for your boyfriend?


As a way to help couples to increase interest and fun, sexy underwear has gradually become more and more popular.Against this trend, many girls will want to buy some sexy underwear for their boyfriends or husbands to increase the fun of sex.But will buy a fun underwear for her boyfriend, will it cause embarrassment and discomfort?This is a problem that many girls care about.

Is the boy willing to wear a sexy underwear?

First of all, what we need to know is that boys have different willingness to wear interest underwear.Some boys are inherently sexy or like to try novel things, and have high acceptance of sexy underwear or women’s underwear.However, there are some boys who are more sensitive to these details and do not like to wear women’s underwear, so you must understand the wishes of his boyfriend before buying sexy underwear.

How to choose sexy underwear suitable for boys?

If boys are willing to try to wear sexy underwear, then they must consider how to choose a style suitable for boys.Generally speaking, the sexy lingerie styles that are more suitable for boys include shorts, briefs and leggings.These styles are relatively comfortable, and they are not easily exposed.At the same time, tailoring must be suitable for your body, it is important to choose the right size.

How to choose sexy lingerie materials?

For the selection of sexy underwear materials, boys should pay attention to comfort and texture like women.If you want to choose a more quality -quality sexy underwear, you can consider pure cotton, Leica or silk.These fabrics can better adapt to the curve of men’s bodies, and they are more comfortable to wear at the same time.

How to avoid embarrassment?

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can’t help but encounter some embarrassing problems, such as the size of the boys.Therefore, when facing these problems, it is better to choose some brands and counters that are suitable for you, which can avoid some unnecessary embarrassment.If you do n’t want to pay for physical stores, you can choose to buy sexy underwear online without having to worry about size issues.

How to properly wear fun underwear?

When boys wear sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to whether their size is suitable.At the same time, you must also learn how to match clothes appropriately to make yourself more decent instead of excessive exposure.This can achieve the purpose of increasing sex.

The benefits of sexy underwear wearing

For boys, wearing erotic underwear can not only increase sexual interest, but also improve their sexual self -confidence.This will make boys more confident and passionate in sexual life with girlfriends.

Instead of sexy underwear wearing

Sex underwear wearing will make boys uncomfortable, especially those boys who don’t like to wear women’s underwear.At the same time, sexy underwear is too exposed and will also bring some embarrassing problems.


To buy a sexy underwear for boyfriends, you need to consider the wishes of boys and the right degree of dressing.Choosing a style and fabric suitable for men, properly wearing sexy underwear, can increase sexual interest and improve sexual self -confidence.Of course, you should not buy your boyfriend or let your boyfriend wear sexy underwear. Respecting each other’s wishes and choices is the most important.

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