Adult erotic underwear hollow perspective

What is hollow penetration of sexy lingerie

Adult erotic underwear is a special underwear that can help improve the quality of sex. Hollow seeing adult sexy underwear is a special design with teasing. It shows the most beautiful part of your body.You are sexy without showing any skin at all.

Suitable for who wears

Hollow perspective adult sexy underwear is suitable for all gender and body types. As long as you want to flirt and enjoy the joy of sex, this underwear may be what you need.There is no need for a perfect figure. On the contrary, the design of these underwear is to show the unique sexy and charm of the wearer.

Style and style

Hollowing through -see -through -seey underwear has a variety of different styles and styles.There are various colors and texture adult sexy underwear to choose from. From common black, red to purple and pink other colors, various materials such as various materials, including silk, cotton, lace, etc.

How to choose the size that suits you

When buying a hollow perspective adult erotic underwear, it is important to ensure that the appropriate size is.If the choice is too big, you will lose the opportunity to show your body. If you are too small, you will feel uncomfortable, so choosing a suitable size is the most important.You need to refer to the size guideline for selection, or you can make appropriate adjustments according to your actual situation.


If you want to make yourself look more perfect, you can consider choosing some accessories.High -heeled shoes are a popular way of matching, which can help you enhance the sexy and elegant feeling.You can choose to match your cut -out diameter suspenders and stockings.

How to use

You should follow some guidelines when using hollow perspective adult erotic underwear.If you share a bed with others or need to wear underwear in public, you may need to use a more explicit bra first, and then match the hollow perspective adult sexy underwear.In private places, pajamas or underwear cooperate with a very good choice.


It is very important to properly maintain and clean the hollowing out of interest underwear, which can help your underwear more lasting and make your skin healthier.The best way to clean underwear is hand washing, not washing machines.The amount of laundry powder should be small.In addition, do not dry underwear in the sun, you can choose to hang in a cool place.

Common misunderstanding

Some people may think that hollow -out -and -see -through -see -out underwear is harmful to the body, but this is not true.As long as you use and clean them correctly and do not exceed the wear time, these underwear will not cause any damage to your body.

Price range

The price of adult sex lingerie is very extensive, from very cheap to very expensive.Generally standard hollow perspective adult sexy lingerie prices are hundreds of yuan to 1,000 yuan, and the price of some high -end brands may be higher.This depends on the selected style, materials and brands.


In short, hollow perspective adult erotic underwear is a unique underwear that can help you enhance sexy and self -confidence. It is suitable for all body shape and gender. It is very important to choose the correct size and match. Correctly maintaining and clean underwear can help them be moreUse for a long time.

Generally, wearing adult sexy underwear will not immediately change your lifestyle or improve your sexual quality, but wearing them will indeed give you confidence, change your mentality, and bring some new stimuli.

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