Bride makeup and sexy sheet

1. The importance of bride makeup

Wedding is one of the most important moments of every woman’s life.In order to leave the eternal memory of the wedding moment, the bride’s makeup must have perfect details and best results.The importance of new makeup is even more self -evident.In this special day, the bride’s makeup is quite critical.

2. The production of bride makeup

For the production of bride makeup, cosmetics, accessories and clothing have a very important role.However, sexy underwear is also an important element in bride makeup.In the bride makeup, sexy underwear can not only add sexy and charm to the bride, but also improve the bride’s self -confidence.

3. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, the bride should rationally consider her body and wedding style to buy.If your wedding dress is a back style, you can choose a vest sexy underwear or chest sticker to solve it.If you are wearing a wedding dress with a strap, you can choose the shoulder strap underwear or chest sticker.If you want to make yourself look more sexy, you can choose lace, transparent or low -cut sexy underwear.

4. Color choice of sexy underwear

Regarding the choice of sex lingerie color, the bride should buy according to her skin tone.For white women with relatively roses, dark or red sexy underwear can be selected to enhance temperament and charm.For women with darker skin, you should choose nude or light -colored sexy underwear, which is more suitable for your skin tone.

5. Selection of accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear and bride makeup are also inseparable.Different underwear accessories can create a completely different style.For example, metal bows, sequins diamonds, beads and flower rings are all good choices.The key is to choose a suitable occasion and color in order to achieve perfect results.

6. Make sure comfort

Although there are many types of sexy underwear, it is also very important to wear comfort.After all, the bride needs the bride to maintain a good mood and mental state at the wedding scene. If the underwear is uncomfortable, it will have a great impact on the bride’s mood, making the bride unable to perfectly show her charm and temperament.

7. Compare a number of sexy underwear shops

When you decide to buy sexy underwear, it is recommended to compare the price and quality of more stores to get the best shopping experience.If you have time, you can go to the store for trial.If there is no time, you can choose the style of your own underwear based on the evaluation and score of other women to buy sexy underwear.

8. Choose a professional sexy underwear brand

When choosing sexy underwear, it is recommended that you choose some more professional sexy underwear brands.This can ensure that the quality and design styles you buy are more secure.Some famous sexy underwear brands at home and abroad, you can also choose one of them to buy.

9. Pay attention to the size of the size

It is very important to choose the right size when choosing a sexy underwear.Choosing a large size will cause the sexy underwear to loose tightly. If you choose a small size, you will experience a uncomfortable dressing.Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the size of the sexy underwear according to your actual body size to ensure that you can buy the most suitable sexy underwear.

10. General view

In the bride makeup, sexy underwear also accounts for a very important part.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can not only improve the bride’s self -confidence, but also add a unique atmosphere to the wedding.Therefore, when you are preparing for a wedding, don’t ignore your own sexy underwear.The right sexy underwear will make you emit confidence, charm and temperament at the moment of the wedding.

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