Fun underwear Family Education Novels

Fun underwear Family Novels: Private Story with Teacher

Xiao Ai is an excellent undergraduate student who starts part -time tutoring after completing his sophomore studies.She is small and exquisite, looks sweet, cheerful, and is loved by parents and students.One day, Xiao Ai received a very special tutor task: I taught a middle -aged lady, Eli to learn English, and this girl is a sex underwear owner, which is very interested in English.

First meet

For the first time, Alley wore a set of black leather and sexy sexy underwear, with black high heels, even in his own home, still like a sexy female master.Xiao Ai’s breathing accelerated involuntarily, but she tried her best to maintain her calmness.While explaining English grammar to Elie, she resisted her inner impulse.

Passionate night

A month later, Xiao Ai taught Ali a lot of English knowledge, and Ali gradually became interested in the charm of Xiaoai.She often hints her feelings to Xiao Ai and tries to attract the attention of Xiao Ai.Xiao Ai is very uncomfortable, but is also attracted by Eli’s style.On a night, the two finally evoked the spark of passion under the temptation of sexy underwear.They lingered in Alley’s spacious living room for a night, and Xiao Ai was completely immersed in this beautiful dream.


Both Xiao Ai and Eli regret their behavior, but things have been unable to recover.They tried to avoid letting this kind of feelings that can no longer reverse, but this made them stuck together more firmly.They continue to communicate, explore each other’s hearts, and have a deep understanding of each other’s emotions and sexual desire.

The charm of sexy underwear

After this experience, Xiao Ai has a deeper understanding of the charm of sexy underwear.She realized that not only the erotic underwear brought people not only sexy and teasing, but also a thirst for bone marrow and longing for sex.

Take a picture of sexy underwear model photos

After a period of exploration, Xiao Ai and Ellie were ready to make a collection of sexy underwear.They recruited a few girlfriends with good figure and sweet appearance to take photos. Everyone wore different types of sexy underwear to show their sexy charm.During the shooting process, each girl encouraged and helped each other to make this shooting better and unforgettable.

Sex of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, Chinese cheongsam, kimono, lace, stockings, leather, European and American bikinis, human character drags, football girls, naval clothing, and so on.Every kind of sexy underwear has a unique charm and temperament to satisfy different sex fantasies.

Size and color of sex underwear

Like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear also has different size and color choices.But unlike ordinary underwear, the size and color selection of sexy underwear are usually more colorful and personality, and even some can be customized.The size selection is very important, because the appropriate size can not only make you more comfortable and comfortable, but also add points to your sexy points.

Sex underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.Like other clothes, the matching of matching directly determines your overall sexy.It is worth noting that the sexy underwear should be avoided as much as possible, and the simple design is easier to make you more handy in sex.


Falling underwear is a preference for modern women and men. In addition to beauty, it can also allow you to get more pleasure and satisfaction in sex.Properly wearing sexy underwear can not only increase your sexual charm, but also better experience sexual life.It should also be remembered that sexy underwear is both a sexy underwear and a artwork full of creativity and pleasure.

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