Fun underwear structure system landscape

What is a sexual underwear system?

The erotic underwear system refers to the technical process of converting the creativity of the designer into paper or electronic images.The layout is composed of multiple parts, including fabric patterns, lace, sewing threads, and product size and structure.Layout is an important stage of sexy underwear manufacturing.

Types of sexy underwear structure system

The layout can be made by hand, or it can be produced by a computer -assisted design software.The types of these layouts include flat layout, three -dimensional landscape and hybrid layout.

Flat layout

The flat layout reflects the layout related to the external design of the sexy underwear, including fabric patterns, lace, sewing threads, and the size and structure of the product, such as floor plans, physical drawings, processing diagrams, etc.

Three -dimensional landscape

The three -dimensional layout is the design drawing of the internal structure of the sexy underwear.They reflect details such as fabrics, filling, ornaments and structures used in underwear.The three -dimensional layout is usually implemented by computer simulation or hand -drawn drawings.

Mixed landscape

The hybrid layout combines two types of images: flat layout and three -dimensional layout.It can more accurately reflect the overall design of sexy underwear, and also allows manufacturers to better understand the structure and details of underwear.

The production process of sexy underwear structure system

The production process of the layout chart includes the following steps:

Designer draws sketches and descriptions and passes to the moderator

The preliminary landscape of a flat or three -dimensional preliminary layout

Examine, modify and improve the layout of the layout

Confirm the layout and start production

The importance of sexy underwear structure system

Layout is the basis for creating sexy underwear. These images can help underwear designers and manufacturers better geographically solve the structure and details of sexy underwear.They ensure that the size of the underwear is accurate, sutured, and provides high -quality final products.

The technical requirements of sexy underwear structure system

The technical requirements of layout maps include the following aspects:

Strict size and ruler accuracy

Clear details and structure requirements

Accurate lace, dot pattern, printing and decorative requirements

Clear sewing thread requirements

Interesting underwear structure layout quality testing

During the production process, quality testers need to strictly evaluate the accuracy, consistency and feasibility of the layout.If the layout is inappropriate, there will be problems with the finished products of cutting and sewing.

Fun underwear structure layout and cost

The quality and accuracy of the layout will directly affect the manufacturing cost of the underwear.Sophisticated layout can help designers and manufacturers to avoid errors and develop underwear products with high sales potential.

my point of view

Fun underwear structure system is the basis of sexy underwear manufacturing. They are necessary communication tools and reference tools for underwear designers, moderators and factories.Accurate and high -quality layout can help manufacturers reduce errors, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve the quality of underwear, thereby providing consumers with better products.

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