Fun underwear version song collection

Fun underwear version song collection

Song 1: Sexuality Fun underwear

There are many brands of sexy underwear, and their styles are different.The most basic styles include thongs, hollow underwear, perspective underwear, camisole underwear, etc.The main characteristics of these styles are to reveal some parts of the body to achieve sexy and excited effects.

Song two: Beauty sexy underwear

Beauty erotic underwear is mainly focused on the beauty of appearance.Common styles include lace, silk, linen, mesh, etc. These materials and textures are more pleasant.This underwear is usually to make women more elegant, more sexy, and more charming.

Song three: European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie styles are relatively mature, feminine and sexy.It is richer and diverse in styles and materials.They usually emphasize elegance and simplicity, not too explicit sexy.

Song 4: Adult sexy underwear

The biggest difference between adult sex lingerie and conventional sexy underwear is the material and style.These underwear use more challenging design and materials, such as leather, rubber, PVC, etc., which are usually considered to have a higher gender stimulant effect.

Song 5: All lace sexy underwear

All -lace sexy underwear is an increasingly popular style in recent years.This underwear is usually made of high -quality lace, with beautiful appearance and delicate appearance.Its design pays more attention to pure beauty and will not be excessively exposed.

Song Six: Belly Bades underwear

Belly pocket underwear is a very special underwear, and its main purpose is to show its belly.Although the bellyband underwear is not common, it is more and more sought after by women, and it has become a mainstream positioning.

Song 7: hollowing out underwear

Hollow underwear refers to the design of a hole in the underwear, so that some parts of the female body are more obvious, and a series of points, lines, noodles, and simple combinations bring more space on the pattern.The characteristic of this underwear is its unique design, showing a more open and deliberate color.

Song eight: Socks Interesting underwear

Socks and lingerie are a very popular underwear in recent years.It not only focuses on sexy, but also focuses on creative design, which is very in line with the preferences of young groups.There are many changes in terms of color, style, texture, etc.Whether you like minimalistic or sexy style, long socks and sexy underwear can bring you a new experience.

Song Nine: Patent Leather underwear

Pacific sexy underwear uses high -quality PVC materials. The luster is very good. The surface looks smooth as mirror, which looks special and rare.It is characterized by its high bright colors and luster, adding more fashion elements.

Song 10: Transparent underwear

Transparent underwear is a very special sexy underwear.Its main feature is transparent, which can make some parts of the body show more clearly.Its materials are common as thin as cicadas, satin, and lace.This underwear is most suitable for consumers who like to be based on the beauty of nature or nakedness.


Sexy underwear is like a colorful music box. Each different style, different materials, and different styles create their own melody, making people full of wonderful imagination and surprise expectations.After browsing this sexy lingerie collection, I believe you have also been greatly inspired. You know more about the styles, materials, and styles of more sexy underwear, so that you are more handy when buying and matching.

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