Girlfriend tune sexy underwear

Girlfriend’s preliminary test

You find that your girlfriend is not so experienced in sex, so you want to help her better enjoy sex.A successful way is to tune her erotic underwear, so that she can better feel her sexy charm with the help of sexy underwear, and also better enjoy the process of sex.

Familiar with sexy underwear styles

In the process of training your girlfriend, you need to be familiar with the style of sexy underwear first.Sexy underwear can be divided into many different styles, such as sexy lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, adult erotic lingerie and European and American sex underwear.Each style has different characteristics and applicable occasions.Understanding these characteristics can help you better choose sexy underwear suitable for your girlfriend.

Choose sexy underwear according to the girlfriend’s figure

For different figures, there are different sexy lingerie styles and sizes.Therefore, in order to make your girlfriend put on the most suitable sexy underwear, you need to understand her figure first.You can also ask her opinion and ask her what kind of sexy underwear wants.

The color of sexy underwear is also important

Color is also an important part of sexy underwear.To choose the color of a suitable girlfriend, you need to consider the skin tone and her personal preference.Yellow, red and black are usually the colors that many women like, but if she doesn’t like it, it needs more personalized to choose the right color.

Understand the body parts to be emphasized by the affection underwear

Different types of sexy underwear can emphasize different parts of women’s bodies.For example, restraint of sexy underwear will emphasize the chest and waist, and the hard shell erotic underwear will emphasize the hip and baby rod.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends is to consider which parts can most move her, so that her charm and personal characteristics are fully displayed.

Understand the fabric of love lingerie

Sex underwear also has different fabrics to choose from.Some women like sexy underwear of lace or barrel eyes, while others like sexy lingerie with tulle material.Select the fabric of sexy underwear according to your girlfriend’s personal preference and comfort.

Choose the right sexy underwear accessories

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider accessories.Accessories can make underwear more perfect, such as stockings, gloves, bows, and slots. These accessories can increase her sexy charm.However, if you use it too much or use it properly, these accessories may also cause bad results.

Training girlfriends through sexy underwear

After creating a perfect erotic underwear, you can slowly adjust your girlfriend to adapt her.First of all, you can put her in sex underwear before sex to help her fully experience the confidence and sexy brought by underwear.Then, gradually try more sex and skills.

Enjoy the sex of sex lingerie

With the perfect erotic underwear, you and your girlfriend can enjoy better sex.By slowly tuning, she can gradually improve her sexual skills and self -confidence.Sex itself is already a beautiful experience, and sexy underwear can make this experience better.

in conclusion

Choosing the right sexy underwear and the correct accessories, and slowly tuning to help girlfriends enjoy better sex, this is a very effective way.This can not only increase your girlfriend’s sexual experience and self -confidence, but also improve your intimate relationship between you, and share a better life experience.

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