Girlfriend who bought sex underwear

Girlfriend who bought sex underwear

In modern society, more and more women have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear to improve their interesting life.However, many women are a little confused about choosing the right sexy underwear.Here are some points to choose and evaluate sexy underwear to help women solve the problem of buying sexy underwear.

◆ Body model and size selection

Each woman has different body shapes and sizes.Therefore, choosing the right size and style is the first step in buying sexy underwear.First of all, women need to measure their body size, including bust, waist and hips.Secondly, women need to choose the style that suits them according to their body shape, such as T -shaped, triangular, corset or suspenders.To understand your body model and size, you can better choose and buy sexy underwear that suits you.

◆ Fabric and comfort

The comfort of sexy underwear is the most important point in buying.When you put on a sexy underwear, you need to feel confident and comfortable.Therefore, when buying, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the materials and fabrics.Some sexy underwear uses soft and comfortable materials such as lilacs, lace and chiffon, which is more comfortable and natural in dressing, making women feel more confident and sexy.

◆ style and color selection

Interest underwear can not only help women shape, but also increase your charm through the appropriate style and color.Fashion sexy underwear designers will use a variety of styles and colors when designing to meet the different needs of women.From sexy red, elegant black, fresh white to fashionable floral, different styles and colors bring different temperament and charm to women, and better show women’s personality and charm.

◆ Style and functional selection

Sex underwear can meet different needs of women through styles and functions.From corset, tulle, mesh, suspender to T -shaped, triangle and other styles, each style has different functions and characteristics.Some sexy underwear can also improve women’s sex experience, such as strengthening the support of the chest and shaping the beautiful curve.Women can choose appropriate styles and functions according to their needs and preferences.

◆ Size measurement skills

In order to correctly measure your body size, you need to master the correct skills.First of all, you need to measure the bust, which can be measured horizontally in the most plump places in the chest.Secondly, you need to measure the waist circumference, which can be measured horizontally at the natural waistline.Finally, you need to measure the hips, which can be measured horizontally in the most plump hips.Finally, select the appropriate size based on the above measurement results.

◆ Common sexuality fun underwear

Common sexual sexy lingerie styles include bra, gauze, tulle, network, small dress, suspender and various flavors of role -playing clothing.Each erotic underwear has its specific functions and characteristics. When choosing, you need to combine your actual needs and physical characteristics.

◆ The credibility and return and exchange policy of the sales website

When you find your favorite sexy underwear on the Internet, women need to pay attention to the credibility and return policy of the website.Choosing a well -represented website can ensure the quality and service quality of sexy underwear.For sizes or other problems, women should also understand the return and exchange policy of the website to ensure that they can be worn with confidence after purchasing.

◆ Style and Taobao link recommendation

For women, Taobao is a good platform for buying sexy underwear.A variety of styles and styles of sexy underwear can be found on Taobao.Some good sexy underwear shops, such as "Huayang September" and "Lurefish", have many exquisite sexy underwear.Through these shops, women can find the most suitable sex underwear for them.

◆ Opinions and suggestions

Choosing the right sexy underwear is not an easy task. Women need to understand their physical size, body shape, style, and color, and make decisions in combination with their own personality and needs.At the same time, women need to choose good business, and they need to pay attention to factors such as size, materials and styles when buying.In the end, the appropriate sexy underwear can make women more confident, sexy, and charm.

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