Homemade Large Sports Lingerie Model Video

Homemade Large Sports Lingerie Model Video


Self -made erotic underwear may be a little shy thing, but if you want to try, you can use this simple model video to start your DIY journey.This article will provide you with detailed steps to make your own sexy underwear.


Materials needed for physical and sexy underwear: a piece of elastic fabric, some transparent elastic shoulder straps, sewing supplies (such as sewing machines, needles and wires, cloth scissors), and human models.Most of these materials can be completed in handicraft shops or online.

Model production

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First, you need to find a human model.A cheap plastic model or a life model with life can be used.Pass the transparent elastic shoulder strap through the arm of the model and tie the shoulder strap to the back of the model.The shoulder strap is close to the armpit of the model as much as possible, so that it is easier to use on the model.


Then, cut a few yards of elastic fabric with a cloth scissors.Put this fabric on the model, and fix the fabric on the model with a needle and line.Now, you can start measuring your size to cut it more suitable for your fabric.

Cutting and suture

Next, use the size you measured in advance to cut the fabric into the required shape.Then, suture should be used as a part of the body, such as the back, arms and clothes.Finally, suture the shoulder straps with clothing.


After completing all the sutures, take your homemade and sexy underwear.If you feel that you want to make some subtle adjustments, you can measure and sew any necessary changes.


The last step of completing the body’s sexy underwear is to decorate it with appropriate decoration.You can beautify underwear with jewelry, lace or any add sexy charm.If necessary, you can also add a button or zipper.


Summary 1

Although making your own underwear may be a bit shy, using these steps and model videos, you will be able to make a sexy, increasing self -confidence conjoined sexy underwear.

Select fabric

If you want to make other erotic underwear, you can use various fabrics, such as silk, lace, linen, cotton and so on.Each fabric has different sizes and styles, so it is important to choose a fabric that suits you.

design style

Design style is another key to make your sexy underwear unique.Do you want to be hot and sexy or sweet and cute? You must be abstract or realistic? You can adjust the color, texture, patterns, and shape factors to increase the unique appearance and make your interesting underwear different.

Summary 2

If you want to make some sexy underwear, then making your own sexy underwear may be exactly what you need.With this model video and the above steps, you will make a special and unique sexy underwear for yourself.


Self -making underwear may be very exciting and challenging in some people, but it is also a way to express its sexy and uniqueness.It may be pleasant and worth trying through your own efforts and wisdom, and it may be pleasant and worth trying.