How much is Taobao’s sexy underwear margin

How much is Taobao's sexy underwear margin

How much is Taobao’s sexy underwear margin

What is Taobao shop sex underwear security deposit

Taobao’s sexy underwear margin is a guarantee measures set by Taobao for merchants who release sexy underwear products.Merchants need to pay a certain deposit to ensure the quality and services of the merchant released.

Square amount stipulate

The amount of margin is different under different circumstances. At present, Taobao’s regulations on the amount of margin are mainly based on the level and credit level of the merchant.The amount of margin is usually between 1,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

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The purpose of the deposit

The margin is mainly used as a business to comply with the provisions when publishing sex underwear products on the Taobao platform, and ensure the credit and behavior of merchants in trading.If the merchant violates the relevant provisions of the Taobao platform, Taobao will have the right to make the security deposit fail, so as to make up for customer losses

Taobao deposit refund process

The quality and services released by the merchant have been well received and did not violate the requirements of Taobao. The security deposit can be returned in a timely manner according to the refund process prescribed by the Taobao platform.However, if the merchant violates the losses of Taobao regulations, it needs to make up for Taobao and deduct the margin accordingly.

Merchant margin repayment process

If the merchant’s sexy lingerie services or quality problems have problems, or if the merchant violates the requirements of Taobao, Taobao will deduct the merchant deposit.If the merchant margin is not enough to deduct all compensation, the merchant needs to pay the deposit within a certain time, otherwise it will affect the business of the merchant on Taobao.

Impact of margin

The height of the deposit not only affects the number of merchants released the number of sexy underwear products, but also represents the merchant’s own credit and actual operating conditions on the Taobao platform.Merchants need to spend business costs to maintain margin, which will have a certain impact on the business to a certain extent.

Advantages of deposit

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The deposit allows Taobao merchants to play its own role in integrity and reputation, thereby improving the competitive advantage between merchants.Merchants need to pay the integrity of margin guarantee transactions and also protect customers’ rights.

How to quickly restore the deposit

Improving the quality and service level of goods is the most basic method. If the merchant can continue to provide high -quality sexy lingerie services, the customer’s satisfactory comment will naturally increase.Merchants can also optimize operating methods and improve marketing effects to increase product sales, thereby restoring margin faster.

Be alert to a deposit scam

With the increasingly popular sex underwear market on Taobao, there have also been some cases of fake publicity or fraud to deceive the margin.Merchants need to be more vigilant to avoid being deceived by criminals.


For sexy underwear merchants, margin is a very important operating tool, and it is also a measure set by Taobao platforms to protect customer rights and merchant transactions.Merchants should adhere to the principles of integrity and credit, while improving the quality and commercial benefits of goods and services, and can also improve their competitive advantages in the Taobao market.