How to wear sex underwear is more exciting

How to wear sex underwear is more exciting

Title: How to wear sexy underwear more exciting

Putting on sex underwear, whether it is appreciation alone or adding fun to the partner, can bring a certain stimulus and pleasure.But how can we make sexy underwear more exciting?Here are a few tips, I hope to help you.

1. Choose the style that suits you

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Everyone’s body and appearance are different, so choose one of the underwear suitable for them.If you are thin, you can choose a lace and perspective style. If you are full of figure, you can choose as little lace as possible and use some drooping materials.It is also essential to choose the right nearly transparent or translucent underwear and bra.In this way, you can perfectly show your body and characteristics.

2. Invest in high -quality underwear

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Good quality and sexy underwear can provide better comfort and support, and will not easily distract or destroy the atmosphere.The well -made underwear is beautiful and decent, and it is more suitable for body.The inferior underwear is rough and uncomfortable, and it may have adverse effects for a long time.Investing in some comfortable and fine -grained underwear may be a good way to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

Third, try attractive colors and patterns

Colors and patterns are also important elements of sexy underwear, which can attract people and evoke desire.Black color sexy underwear has always been the first choice for everyone, because it is both sexy and beautiful.However, other colors are also charming, such as red, purple and dark blue.Choosing some attractive, attractive patterns or printing is also a good choice.

Fourth, the dress style compared with the appearance

Wearing erotic underwear is to create a perfect appearance. We can use the appearance and underwear to form a comparison to highlight our charm.Skin underwear can choose conspicuous colors such as black and red to create an image. If you wear high -profile and bright underwear, you can choose a plain T -shirt or a lower -key color to create a more sexy and unique image.

5. Pay attention to balance

One of the important principles of underwear design is "simplified".Compared with ordinary underwear, the material, details, and design of sexy underwear are more complicated.When choosing underwear, pay attention to the shape of the underwear to avoid making you feel uncomfortable or too much exaggerated.Forgot to wear a sense of balance, it will be extremely uncomfortable to wear, and the underwear with a strong sense of balance can show unique charm while ensuring comfort.

6. Control wearing time

Wearing underwear with greater pressure for a long time can cause potential effects on the body, such as causing problems such as eczema and vulvar itching.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear should not be too long to ensure physical health.Put on the sexy moments, and take it off when needed to make the underwear play its characteristics.

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7. Choose the right occasion

Underwear is a private product, so we need to choose the right occasion to display it.Some specific scenarios, such as beauty dances, and party, are very suitable for wearing sexy underwear, and the basic situation in daily life may be too excessive to wear sexy underwear.

8. Pay attention to maintenance at any time

The material of sexy underwear is often more delicate, so we must always pay attention to its maintenance.The best maintenance method is hand -washing, do not use a washing machine, and pay attention to choosing low temperature washing.Especially do not use detergent containing pH to avoid damaging underwear.In addition, in the process of drying, pay attention to cold air drying to avoid the effects of hot air on underwear.

In sexy underwear, the most important concept is creativity and personalization.Everyone has their own characteristics, so only in the process of choosing and wearing a sexy underwear, can they bring greater stimuli and pleasure.The ultimate goal is the perfect fusion of the mind and body.