I really hate wearing sexy underwear

Why do I hate wearing fun underwear?

As a sexy underwear expert, I claim to be a fan of sexy underwear.However, in my personal experience, the experience of wearing sex underwear is always a less pleasant topic.Believe me, this is not just a personal reason, but involving many factors.

Don’t comfort to wear sex underwear

For me, the most uncomfortable part of sexy underwear is inappropriate size.Incorrect size can lead to many problems, such as Le trace, inappropriate support, and preventing normal blood flow.Even if the size is appropriate, the specific design of some sexy underwear will make me feel uncomfortable, such as the underwear cup too small or knotted shoulder straps.

Interesting underwear style is not practical

The design of most sexy underwear is mainly beautiful and sexy, and practicality is often ignored.For example, many erotic underwear uses impermeable fabrics, making it very hot and uncomfortable to wear in summer.In addition, the complex design of sexy underwear makes it difficult to wash and maintain.These unrealistic designs make sexy underwear a beautiful clothing that looks beautiful, but it is difficult to adapt to it.

Excessive price

Interesting underwear is high, this is the fact that most people know.For example, the price of a good chest sticker may be more than a few hundred yuan, and a complete set of teasing set is even as high as thousands of yuan.This makes many people look forward to when buying sexy underwear.Once purchased, a higher price also means higher expectations, it is easier to be disappointed by inappropriate wear experience.

Do not meet the actual needs

Many erotic underwear are designed to reduce the amount of clothes of the wearer, so as to achieve the teasing effect.However, many times sexy underwear cannot fully meet the actual needs.For example, some types of sexy underwear are not suitable for daily wear, nor are it suitable for public places.This makes sexy underwear restricted in specific occasions, and it is difficult to be a choice for daily wear.

The pressure of sexy underwear

The sense of expectations brought by the wearing underwear to the wearer sometimes seems too big.Many sexy lingerie slogans emphasize how sexy and teasing, which often puts a lot of psychological pressure on the wearer.Especially when the erotic underwear is not appreciated by the male companion, many wearing people will have a great sense of loss.

Not easy to choose

It is a headache to choose the right sexy underwear.We need to consider size, style, combination with other supporting items, etc.However, in many cases, we cannot know the true appearance of sexy underwear before trying it on.This makes us need to conduct many trials and return and exchange, which increases our time and money costs.It has hindered many people to buy sexy underwear.

The effect of sexy underwear on physical health

Wearing erotic underwear may cause potential harm to health.For example, the materials used in many sexy underwear are not breathable, which can easily lead to bacterial breeding.In addition, some sexy underwear will apply excessive pressure, which will increase the risk of many physical diseases, such as shoulder and neck pain, and poor breathing.

Interesting underwear reduces self -awareness

Interest underwear is often regarded as a tool to shape the body, and this shaping does not necessarily meet the self -willingness of the wearer.During the dressing process, it may emphasize other people’s aesthetic standards and ignore their needs.In addition, the criticism and negative evaluation of others will hurt the self -esteem of the wearer.These are one of the reasons to prevent people from wearing sexy underwear.


Although there are many problems in sex underwear in various aspects, wearing sexy underwear is still an important part of many people’s emotional life.Due to the needs of certain purpose, sexy underwear still has the value of its use, and we should pay attention to our comfort and health during the selection and wearing process.

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