Ink ink cheongsam erotic jelly

Ink ink cheongsam erotic jelly

Ink ink cheongsam erotic jelly


Ink cheongsam sex lingerie is a product that combines traditional cheongsam elements and modern sex erotic lingerie.It adopts the traditional cheongsam design style, and also adds sexy elements at the same time, which is a one that can satisfy women’s pursuit of beauty and the desire for sexy.


The material of the ink cheongsam sexy underwear is very important.In order to ensure comfort and texture, silk and lace fabrics are preferred.In addition, it is necessary to consider multiple aspects such as breathability, comfort, and wearing resistance to choose fabrics.

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There are many styles of ink cheongsam sexy underwear.There are one formula, two -piece, three -piece type, etc., and also have rich changes, such as the design of the front opening, the cutout on the chest, the low -cut design, the beautiful super skin fabric, the ice silk texture, and so on.


Color is one of the essence of ink and ink cheongsam sexy underwear.The color of traditional ink painting is usually black, white, and gray as the main color. Therefore, the main color of the ink cheongsam sexy underwear is also black, white, and gray.These colors highlight the nobleness and elegance of sexy underwear, and can show sexy well.

Wearing occasion

There are many occasions for ink cheongsam sexy underwear.It can be used as a private occasion, or wearing its own personality and sexy in special occasions.Of course, if you choose a ink cheongsam sexy underwear in formal occasions, you need to be cautious because it still belongs to sexy underwear and needs to be decided according to the specific situation.


The matching of ink cheongsam sexy underwear needs to be cautious.If you match with other clothing, you can choose a long trench coat, shawl or scarf, etc., try not to use too sexy or exposed matching.In terms of color matching, black, gray, and white are better choices.

Purchase skills


When buying ink and ink cheongsam sexy underwear, you need to understand your own figure characteristics, height and body shape, and choose your own size to ensure the effect of wearing.In addition, you also need to choose your style, style and color.


The maintenance of ink cheongsam sexy underwear needs to be paid attention to the following points: handwashing or dry cleaning, do not use bleach, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, do not clean it with hot water, do not dry in the sun, to prevent fading problems.


The advantages of ink cheongsam erotic underwear are: perfect shape, excellent quality, high comfort, sexy and charming.At the same time, ink and ink cheongsam sexy underwear can also protect privacy, allowing women to show their sexy and beauty without losing dignity.


The disadvantage of ink cheongsam erotic lingerie is that compared to other erotic underwear, the style of ink cheongsam sexy underwear is relatively single, only a few changes, not rich enough, a bit lack of innovation.


Ink and ink cheongsam sex lingerie is a traditional style and modern sexy underwear. Its color, style, and materials have the characteristics of noble, elegant, universal applications, and have high comfort and sexuality.Although its style is not rich, it is still a recommended sexy underwear.