Interesting underwear pictures ancient times

Interesting underwear pictures ancient times

With the development of society, people’s requirements for underwear are getting higher and higher.As a novel underwear culture, sexy underwear naturally reflects people’s new aesthetics and needs.However, in fact, sexy underwear did not appear in ancient times.This article will introduce ancient erotic underwear pictures to explore the source of ancient sexy underwear culture.

Ribbon restraint

In ancient China, ribbon restraint was a very common sex game.Women and men use ribbons to restrain each other in sex to enhance sexual stimuli and interest.The use of ribbons is also a sense of dominance and control for women.

Lace decoration

Lace decoration is also very common in ancient underwear.Women use lace to decorate their underwear to highlight their sexy and delicateness.In ancient men’s aesthetics, they also liked to see lace decorations on women. This female charm also had a high social status in ancient times.

Tiny silk silk

In ancient times, the crotch silk ribbon was a sex underwear developed for husband and wife.The underwear includes three parts: fork, crotch, and two hips, usually wrapped in a silk belt.This underwear can not only play a role in beautifying the charm of husband and wife, but also increase the stimulus during sex.

Exposed chest

In ancient times, women’s breasts were very privacy, and it was strictly forbidden to expose.However, in the culture of sex, revealing chest is a very common expression of interest.Deeling chest is also a kind of sexy underwear used by ancient women in sex.Its use is to gently expose women’s chests, which can enhance the visual effects of sex, and it is also a way for women to show their charm.


Sauce underwear was also very common in ancient times.According to traditional, the sachet underwear is a kind of underwear that can make people feel refreshing, which contains a variety of sachets to increase the interest in sex.In ancient times, sachet underwear was often given as a wedding gift to a bride, and it was also an important part of the traditional wedding culture.

Fish net socks

In ancient times, fish net socks were a very popular sexy underwear.Its design is unique and can show women’s leg outline vividly.This kind of sexy underwear is also worn by women in some specific occasions, such as weddings, gala party.

Lumbar drum

Bullet drum is a kind of sexy underwear used by ancient women in sex.It is probably designed like a modern waist chain to decorate women’s waist.In addition, a variety of hard objects are often embedded in the waist drums, such as metal slices, copper coins, etc. to increase the irritation during sex.

Pelvic band

The pot belt is a sexy underwear of ancient Chinese women.The pot belt is generally composed of bands, suspension, etc., which is regarded by women at that time as a kind of underwear that can show her sexy.The design of the pot belt is also very aesthetic, probably the current low -waist underwear design.


In ancient times, sexy underwear culture was also a very important cultural phenomenon.Although it was not very popular at the time, it could also reflect people’s aesthetic needs for sex and beauty at that time.Modern sexy underwear culture can also draw inspiration from these traditional accumulation, discover more interesting elements, and create a fashionable sexy lingerie that meets the aesthetic needs of modern people.

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