Interesting underwear show full transparent milk


The sexy lingerie show is a dance performance form in the dance performance of his body lines, muscles, chests or hips to the audience wearing sexy underwear or clothes.Full transparent milk lingerie is one of the very popular types of sexy underwear.


There is a characteristic of all -transparent milk underwear, which is the completely transparent material, which can reveal the soft beauty of the skin, especially the chest part, and the large milk effect, which is even more exciting.

Material classification

The material of all -transparent milk lingerie is usually divided into two types: organic glass fibers and nylon synthetic fibers.Organic glass fiber light transmission is good, but the breathability is not good, and it is easy to sweat and wet; the synthetic fiber is breathable and high.

Pay attention to wear

Because all transparent underwear does not have a general underwear like a general underwear, the body is relatively high, and you need to pay special attention when you wear it.You should choose a suitable underwear to avoid too loose or too tight.When moving, you need to pay attention to avoid the exposure of nipples.

Matching skills

It is best to match short skirts or shorts to express aesthetics, but do not match too exposed clothing, otherwise it will easily destroy the overall beauty.

Suitable occasion

Full transparent milk lingerie is most suitable for wearing in entertainment in erotic lingerie or nightclubs, ballrooms, and other entertainment occasions. It is not suitable for daily wear.

brand introduction

There are many brands of all -transparent milk underwear on the market, such as Jolidon, Calvin Klein, Concubine, Ou Luhua, and Victoria’s Secret and other brands have launched this underwear.

Price range

The price of all -transparent milk lingerie is more variable on the market, which can be divided into several grades.The price of civilian models is about 100 yuan, and the price of high -end luxury models may be as high as thousands of yuan.


When buying a full transparent milk underwear, you need to know more about brands, materials, prices and other information.You need to choose your body and meet your budget.At the same time, you need to confirm whether it is genuine when purchasing, so as not to be deceived.


In short, although all transparent milk lingerie is only applicable in entertainment such as sexy underwear shows, due to its unique design and sexy characteristics, it is more and more loved by people.For those who like to try different styles, it may be a good choice.

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