Large -size sexy underwear trial

1. The needs of big fat people in the sex underwear market

In the past, sexy underwear was often regarded as a kind of sexy and charming decoration, but now as long as you like it, sexy underwear is a good friend of everyone.Especially for fat people, choosing some rare and rare big sexy underwear can also make them more confident, charming, and sexy.In the market, more and more brands have begun to follow the trend of large erotic underwear. I believe that the market for large -size sex underwear will become better and better.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of large -size sexy underwear

Super -size sexy underwear can highlight the beauty of the body line when designing, and it can also distort the defect of the figure.However, this type of underwear is also limited by satin, lace and other fabrics, and it is difficult to have diversified styles and colors to choose from.At the same time, the quality, exquisite structure and top material of the hardware facilities of large -size sexy underwear are also worthy of attention.

3. Wear a close -fitting underwear to try on the store

If you have no experience in buying a large -size sexy underwear from the online store, then it is best to try it on in a physical store first.Even if you buy a product according to the size table, you may be lost due to the flaws of the size and curve shape.Therefore, it is important to wear underwear to choose underwear.

4. Understand the size of the key areas

When buying large -size sexy underwear, it is more important to understand the length of key areas (such as belly, waist and legs, etc.), because the size of these specific areas changes greatly.It is also necessary to say that some brands of mats and tightening the body can make the shape look smoother.

5. Consider your skin color

The color and style of large -size erotic underwear varies from person to person. When choosing underwear, you should consider your skin color, instead of just looking at the size of the appearance or safety pants.Some sponsors provide cheap small thongs, but the quality is not guaranteed.

6. Make full use of loose styles

Compared to tight underwear, wide underwear is more suitable for fat people.Loose styles will not only reduce the consciousness of fat people, but also balance the curve and avoid the tooth prints of wider fans.

7. Selected and complicated design underwear

Even in the large -size sexy underwear market, design does not necessarily make large -scale complex effects, but you can usually choose a basic model of creative underwear, and then change some additional details to achieve my goal.For example, add elements such as lace plating to existing knitted patterns to enrich the appearance.

8. The importance of fabric and overall quality

Because large -size erotic underwear is put on more people, its quality is very important.The fabrics of some products are getting thicker and even to destroy machines, and rough sutures and design will disrupt everyone’s buyer mentality.In short, the shape is important, but the quality and lining are also you need to pay attention to it, especially for users who are trying for the first time.

9. Choose cautious style of Hua and false style

If you can proudly show any part of your part, it is even more important to choose underwear with covering power.Many "oversized" sexy clothing is exaggeratedly designed, which is incredible, but it is difficult to apply in real life.Choosing a simple and more powerful underwear is a wise choice.

10. My point of view

In short, with the launch of a large number of new brands and stores to launch a large sex lingerie series, we believe this will be a prosperous market.If you want to buy the right product, you must pay attention to details, and try to choose the color, fabric and shape that suits your body.I believe that every fat person can find perfect and polar sexy underwear.

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