Mom wardrobe sex lingerie novel

Mom wardrobe sex lingerie novel

Mom’s wardrobe

My mother’s wardrobe always exists mysterious. Only when I open it secretly can I have a glimpse of the secrets and find that my mother has a lot of sexy underwear.

Open a new world

I was very curious and couldn’t help but ask her what it was, so my mother told me everything about sexy underwear.It turns out that sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that improves sexual interests between husband and wife through design, fabric and color matching.

various kinds

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In my mother’s wardrobe, I see a variety of sexy underwear, including Japanese, European, Chinese, and various materials and colors, which are really many.

Dressing skills

My mother told me that sexy underwear should be purchased according to her body and style.For sexy people, you can choose dark or see -through outfits, and sweet people can choose lace lace or pink series.

Sexy price

In my mother’s wardrobe, I also saw a lot of bodybuilding and bodies underwear. My mother told me that it was to shape the perfect curve, but this underwear was uncomfortable for a long time, and some styles may have an impact on health.

Falling underwear maintenance

My mother also told me that sexy underwear needs to be cleaned with a dedicated laundry solution, and it cannot be directly exposed in the sun.When we are wearing, be careful not to rub with items such as buckle, zippers to avoid damage.

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention

My mother told me that you should pay attention to whether the fabric is breathable, whether it can be washed, and pay attention to whether there are allergies.


Sexy underwear and family happiness

Although some people think that sexy underwear is just a way to make sex more passionate, in fact, sexy underwear can also improve the communication and understanding of husband and wife, increase the feelings between each other, and make the family happy.

Not just equipment

Interest underwear not only plays a role in beautifying figures and flirting, it can also enhance women’s self -confidence and personality.When women have a perfect figure and confidence, she is more likely to be passionate about family life and enjoy a happy life.

Discover a wonderful self

My mother’s erotic underwear opened a brand new world for me, making me realize that women are not only a role in life, but also a charming individual.I hope that in the future life, I can find a wonderful self and become a more charming woman.


Interest underwear is a beautiful thing that can enhance the charm of women and improve the quality of sexual life.When choosing and wearing sexy underwear, we must choose according to our body and hobbies, and pay attention to the maintenance and use of underwear.Make sex underwear a part of our good life.