Neighborhood sex underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a underwear that aims to improve the quality of sex and increase sex and sex for couples.It uses sexy materials, playful design, unique styles and colors to stimulate people’s sexual interest.Fun underwear is different from daily comfortable underwear. It is one of the auxiliary tools in sex life, helping to irritate sexy and sexual desire, enhance fun and pleasure.

Sex of sex underwear

There are various types of sexy underwear, which are roughly included:

1. Beauty sex lingerie: provides women with charming, bikini, hanging necks and other styles to create a sexy and superior figure.

2. Sexual feelings fun underwear: This style of underwear is very sexy. Women put on it and will always make men miss it.

3. Adult sexy underwear: mainly for adults.For couples, provide a variety of, multi -color, and diverse underwear to help increase the sense of pleasure and interest.

4. European and American sex lingerie: This kind of sexy lingerie is based on the theme of European and American sexy culture. It uses soft texture materials to pay attention to details, texture and visual impact.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear depends on style and design.The most popular materials are the following:

1. Lace: It is one of the main materials of sexy underwear. It is very light and breathable, comfortable and soft. At the same time, it also makes women show sexy and looks more charming.

2. Plastic: Selecting sexy, bright plastic texture, can well set off a female charming figure curve.

3. Plush fabric: Gives a very soft touch, suitable for warmth in winter.

4, PU leather: imitation skin material, excellent texture and full taste, can well reflect the sexy advantages of women.

Sex underwear style

There are various styles of sex underwear. In addition to the classification mentioned above, there are also:

1. Student clothing: Designed with the theme of student school uniforms, cute and playful, increase children’s breath.

2. Maid costume: Designed with the theme of maids to increase the awareness of women’s service, but also increase the sense of oppression.

3. Small vests: Especially the strap is relatively narrow, which outlines the curve of the female back and has a very strong sexy charm.

4. Lace dress: At the same time, the lace material is also very visual, and it is very suitable for the lover in bed.

How to choose a sexy jacket

1. It looks good: the biggest role of sexy underwear is to attract the eyeballs of the opposite sex, so the eye -catching degree and style are very important.

2. Choose the right style: different from person to person, you need to choose the appropriate style according to your personal figure, reflect your personal beauty.

3. Soft fabric: Choose a comfortable and soft material to avoid the damage of the body that is too tight underwear.

4. Easy to tear: Interesting underwear is also very interactive clothing. In some cases, you need to tear, so you choose the style that is easy to tear.

How to maintain sexy underwear

1. Washing and cleaning: Before using underwear, clean it, clean it with a dedicated detergent or a mild laundry solution.

2. Do not machine washing: In order to prevent opening, deformation, shrinking, etc., the sexy underwear should not be washed, and should be washed or selected.

3. Do not expose it: The material of sex underwear is relatively easy to fade and deform, so you should not expose it. You should be dry or placed in a good ventilation place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can’t sex underwear be worn for a long time?

No, fun underwear can be worn for a long time, but choose the right material and style to ensure that it is not burden on the body.

2. Will we wear sexy underwear affect genital health?

Practicing sexy underwear correctly does not affect the health of the genitals, but if it is too tight, it will make it difficult for the tissue around the genitals to circulate normally.


Interest underwear is a underwear that aims to improve the quality of sex and increase sex and sex for couples.Choose the materials and styles that suits them and maintain it correctly, so that people can better enjoy sex life.I hope this article will help everyone.

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