Non -male and female friends to send sexy containers

Non -male and female friends to send sexy containers

Background introduction

Recently, there is a very popular topic in social media and campus: a couple day between non -male and female friends.On this special day, people will give that special person a gift to express their feelings.However, if you plan to send sex underwear to that person, what should you do?In this article, we will discuss the issue of sending sex underwear between non -male and female friends.

Understand the attitude of the other party

Before sending any gifts, you should understand the attitude of the other party.You should ensure that the other party will accept this gift and will not make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.If you have any doubts, it is best not to choose this gift.

Consider the relationship between the two parties

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You should consider the relationship between you.If you are just ordinary friends and have not yet started formal communication, sending sex underwear may make the other party misunderstand your intentions, and may even lead to negative consequences.Make sure your relationship is intimate enough to ensure that you will make appropriate gift options.

Consider the taste of the other party

The style and design of sexy underwear are different.When selecting a gift, please refer to the color, style and style that the other party likes.Understand the taste of the other party as much as possible to ensure that the gifts can be recognized and make the other party happy and surprised.

Choose the right size and style

When you choose a sexy underwear, check the size watch carefully.Make sure the size you choose is correct and suitable for each other’s body type.In addition, you should choose a suitable style to ensure that the other party can wear comfortable and reflect the relationship between you.

The importance of gift packaging

Gift packaging is very important, after all, you give the other party for sex underwear.Through beautiful packaging, you can make the other party feel your care and love for them.You can choose a simple and beautiful packaging, or a deliberate and interesting packaging.

Avoid quality issues

When buying sexy underwear, you should choose high -quality products.Because poor quality of sexy underwear may cause irritation to the skin, or it may cause uncomfortable wear experience.In addition, poor quality of sexy underwear may also bring you embarrassment to you and each other.


Choose a brand with good word of mouth

It is very important to choose a brand with word of mouth.Because the quality and design of these brands are better.Before buying, you can check the evaluation of these brands and customer feedback to ensure that the selected products are high -quality and suitable.

How to express your intention

When you decide to send love underwear, make sure you can clearly express your intentions.You can convey your emotions in some romantic ways, such as writing a letter, or writing a short and intense words on the gift to express your love.

Consider the importance of the occasion

The occasion of giving gifts is also very important.Interest underwear is a very personal thing, so it is best to give gifts in private places.If you want to give gifts in public, please consider Zhouquan to avoid embarrassing scenes.


When choosing a gift to send a sexy underwear, you should consider various factors carefully.Your feelings for each other, the taste and taste of the other party, and the brand and style you choose.Only from all these perspectives can you choose the most pleasant and surprising gift for the other party.