Old woman’s sexy underwear novel reading

Old woman's sexy underwear novel reading

Old woman’s sexy underwear novel reading

Recently, I read the description of a sexy underwear in a novel, which surprised me.This made me realize that sexy underwear is not just loved by young women, but for women of any age.The following is my reading experience and feelings.

Diversified styles and colors

The erotic underwear described in the novel has continued to develop and change in the times, and the style and color are becoming more and more diverse.Whether it is a gorgeous and luxurious style or a simple and refreshing style, it can meet the needs of different women for underwear.The color is also diverse, red represents enthusiasm and sexy, while black is more mysterious and mature.

Comfort and temperament

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The old woman in the novel describes that after she puts on sexy underwear, each movement becomes lighter and free, making her feel more confident and mature.This makes me think deeply. Putting on sexy underwear can not only show the sexy of women, but also reflect their temperament and self -confidence, but also pay attention to the experience of comfort.

Sexy is not exposed

The underwear worn by the old woman in the novel is not necessarily exposed, but every detail shows a sexy atmosphere.In other words, wearing erotic underwear does not have to expose the body, but to highlight the curve of the body through styles and design, thereby showing a soft sexy temperament.

The role of underwear

The role of sexy underwear is not only to show the sexy and temperament of women, but also enhance the emotions between husband and wife, make the couple more pleasant visually and sensory, and make the relationship more harmonious.

Sex underwear purchase

Now, the channel for buying sexy underwear can be online or offline stores, but you must choose merchants with high credibility, goods and services.When choosing underwear, you should choose a style that suits you according to your body and temperament.And the price is not necessarily a decisive factor, and sometimes cheap underwear is not necessarily poor. The key is to choose carefully and choose after wearing.

Sexy underwear can be paired with clothing

The combination of sexy underwear is also a skill. It can complement the clothing. It is not a common good matching suggestion. For example, you can match the perspective top to show the details of the underwear.Effect.


Sexy underwear can bring happiness to yourself

Sometimes, when wearing fun underwear, it is not to show others, but to add a little confidence and happiness to yourself.Underwear can be a way to express self, release stress, and relax."


After reading this novel, I deeply realized that sexy underwear is not exclusive to young people, nor is it simply sexy display. More importantly, it is necessary to reflect the temperament and confidence of women.For women, choosing underwear that suits them can make themselves more elegant, confident, and beautiful, and it has a great effect on regulation of psychology.This kind of life spirit is what each of us should have.