Original Chitose Uncensored Wife Insteads Lover

Original Chitose Uncensored Wife Insteads Lover

Original Chitose: Uncensored Wife

Japan’s AV actress, especially the unparalleled actresses, is very popular all over the world.Among them, the former Chitose is an actress who was active in the Japanese AV industry as a "unpaid wife". Her performance was highly praised.In addition to its outstanding acting skills, the original Chitose’s sexy underwear has also attracted much attention.This article will introduce what types of sexy underwear like to wear.

1. Tongyan big breasts sexy underwear

As a "uncodic wife" actress, the original Chitose is naturally not small.However, the erotic underwear she likes to wear is a childlike breasts. This kind of sexy underwear uses a weak texture material at the chest, which can make the breast more prominent.

2. Stockings sexy underwear

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In many works of the former Chitose, she also wore stockings sexy underwear.This erotic underwear combines the style of stockings and pantyhose, often showing elegant and sexy temperament.

3. White Tiger series sexy underwear

In Japan’s AV industry, the white tiger series of sexy underwear is often used to portray virgin characters.However, the original Chitose has also tried to wear a white tiger series of sexy underwear.This sexy underwear often uses white and pale pink tones, showing a pure and cute feeling.

4. Pearl pants sexy underwear

Pearl pants -type sexy underwear is very popular in China. This type of sexy underwear uses a slightly translucent material, interspersed with pearl decoration on the waist and hips.This sexy underwear can make the figure more slender, which is also one of the choice of the original Chitose.

5. Lace series sexy underwear

The lace series of sexy underwear is almost a style that every woman will choose.After wearing this sexy underwear, the former Chitose sometimes showed an elegant and charming side, and sometimes showed a playful and cute style.

6. Rainbow series of sexy underwear

In some works of the original Chitose, she also wore a Rainbow series of sexy underwear.This sexy underwear is bright and colorful, which is very suitable for showing cute, playful and lively characters.

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7. Luminous series sexy underwear

In some special scenes, the original Chitose chose to wear a series of sexy lingerie.This type of erotic underwear uses special materials and lighting, which can make the wearer out of light in the dim environment and enhance the visual stimulus.

8. Transparent socks -style sexy underwear

Transparent socks -type sexy underwear is also quite popular in the actress world.Transparent socks can not only enhance the visual effect, but also show long beautiful legs, even after crossing the short skirt, it will not disturb the attention of the audience.

9. Pure white sex lingerie

The last one is the pure white sexy underwear selected by the original Chitose.Pure white sexy underwear seems to give people a fresh and pure feeling, however, it echoes it with extremely exciting image content.The label of "Uncensored Wife" seems to collide with pure white sexy underwear, creating a different temperament.

No matter which sexy underwear is, it symbolizes the mystery, sexy and unique temperament of AV actresses.For the original Chitose, sexy underwear is an indispensable prop to convey her charm.