Putting off and taking off sexy underwear map

Putting off and taking off sexy underwear map

Putting off and taking off sexy underwear map

Wearing a sexy sexy underwear can double your confidence, make you more attractive and more tempting.However, wearing and taking off sexy underwear is not an easy task.Let ’s learn how to put off and take off the sexy underwear correctly.

1. How to put on sexy underwear correctly

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must first choose a suitable size underwear.We must measure the size of the upper bust and bust, be careful not to be too loose or too tight.Secondly, when putting on underwear, adjust the shoulder strap to keep it level, and check whether it is appropriate after adjustment.

2. Different style of sexy underwear to wear and take off

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Different styles of erotic underwear are different.For example, the vest sexy underwear is just like wearing a flat chest, easy and simple; the back buckle sexy underwear needs to buckle the back of the back, and then adjust the shoulder strap.

3. How to wear sex panties

Sexual underwear is an important prop to increase sexy, but many people are confused about their wear and taking off.For T -shaped sex underwear, to find the right position, the bands on both sides can be completely covered by the hips; and for lace sex underwear, it is more attractive to find the correct position on the front and back.

4. How to take off the sexy underwear correctly

Don’t be impatient when you get rid of the sexy underwear. Slowly unbutton the buttons or shoulder straps, first unbutton the tighter place, and then remove the underwear. Be careful not to involve the skin.

5. How to wear the shoulder -free sexy underwear

The wearable of the shoulder -free sex lingerie needs to master some skills.When wearing, you must first buckle the buttons on the back, then wear the underwear to the chest, and press the chest out of the appropriate shape.It is necessary to pay attention not to the underwear too tight, but also avoid the slippery of the underwear.

6. How to wear sexy underwear correctly

Sexy underwear is usually worn in the hip position. Pay attention to choosing a size suitable for your hips.When wearing, pull the underwear to the right position, do not roll or fold.If you are a fine -shoulder underwear, you need to pay attention to adjusting your shoulder straps to make it more comfortable.


7. How to take off sexy underwear correctly

Like erotic underwear, you need to slowly unbutton the band or buttons to take off your sexy underwear. Don’t be irritable.Avoid involving skin or other items to avoid unnecessary trouble.

8. Various sexy underwear effects

Correctly wearing and off -the -art underwear can increase your beauty and charm, and make you more confident and charming.Various sexy underwear can also bring different effects, such as bellyband, back -back, V -style and other styles, all have their own unique charm.

In short, you need to take a slow time to wear and take off your sexy underwear. It is also important to choose the right size and style.Put on the right erotic underwear, you will find that you become more confident and more beautiful.