Self -made gauze tissue sexy underwear

Self -made gauze tissue sexy underwear

Self -made gauze tissue sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a popular fashion product today, and self -made erotic underwear has extraordinary significance.Here, we will introduce you to a very good, affordable and fashionable self -made gauze tissue sexy underwear production method.

Material preparation:

1. Ordinary no gauze scarf * 2

2. needle wire

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3. Scissors

4. Dunk * 2

Step 1: Choose a scarf

In order to achieve the best underwear, we need to choose a soft silk scarf.Ordinary flower gauze scarf is a very good choice.It is best to choose the same two gauze to make a pair.

Step 2: Combination

Convert the two gauze scarves together and fold to form an octa shape.Then take the stacked part to the shoulder.Next, fix the yarn scarf on both sides on the waist and sew the interface on both sides with a needle line.

Step 3: Make shoulder straps

From the interface of the scarf, select the two parts of the connected parts, and then fold it into a rectangular shape.This rectangle was then split into two consistent shoulder straps.Pluck the shoulder strap on the shoulders on both sides to lock their cross.

Step 4: molding


We need to firmly fix the underwear on the body so that the underwear can be more slim.At this time, we need to fold the angle of the two outside into a triangle and clamp it on the chest.

Step 5: Production of the remaining parts

Starting from the waist, two buttons are sewed on the front and middle side of the underwear.Cut off the excess scarf to make it more suitable for the body.

Step 6: finished product display

Now you can show your gorgeous underwear!This homemade gauze tissue sexy underwear is both comfortable and beautiful, and it is very suitable for fashion items that enjoy with your other half.

Step 7: Self -made skills

If you like to try with different colors or patterns, it will increase your degree of personalization of your own underwear.You can also add decorations such as lace or silk to make it more exquisite and luxurious!

Step 8: Warning

Pay attention to the details in the manufacturing process to ensure the comfort and quality of the underwear.The design of the underwear takes into account the various factors of the body, such as size, muscle composition, comfort, and so on.

in conclusion

Self -made erotic underwear is a very interesting experience. This gauze scarf sexy underwear has practical value and exquisite appearance.It is not only a pastime that passs time, but also a single product that integrates emotional life and fashion.Enjoy your own creation!