Sex underwear dimension gathering

Sex underwear dimension gathering


In recent years, under the continuous promotion of sex culture, the market demand for sex underwear has increased day by day.Interest underwear can not only improve the sex experience between husband and wife, but also have the effect of shaping and beauty.In the sexy lingerie style, Victoria’s Gathering underwear has been popular with consumers with its excellent gathering effect and elegant design style.

The basic concept of gathered underwear

Gathering underwear is a kind of corset designed for the shape of the chest. The purpose is to make the chest fuller and gather.The biggest feature of gathered underwear design is that the chest is gathered to the center to make the chest shape fuller.At the same time, it can also improve the load of the shoulder and improve the quality of sleep.

Victoria’s Gathering underwear brand introduction

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Victoria’s underwear is a underwear brand owned by Victoria’s Secret.Its product feature is that the unique thickened coascular technology and unique design method can effectively gather the chest and improve the chest shape.At the same time, its products are also very fashionable and design, which is very popular with modern women.

The advantage of Victoria’s Gathering underwear

Compared with traditional underwear products, Victoria’s lingerie has outstanding advantages.First of all, thickened coasters and gathering design make the chest fuller, and there will be no drooping phenomenon.Secondly, Victoria’s lingerie also has a wide shoulder strap design, which can improve some shoulder pain and urgency caused by breasts.

For people

Victoria’s underwear is suitable for women with full chest shape, with women with a sense of loading shoulder, looseness and pain of shoulder and neck muscles.In addition, some women will have back fat when wearing ordinary underwear, and Victoria’s lingerie can effectively solve this problem.

How to choose a size

Choosing a size suitable for your own is an important step to buy Wei Mi to gather underwear.Generally speaking, the smaller the size, the smaller the cup and bust, the better the chest gathering effect.It is recommended to measure your bust, lower bust and cups before you buy it to determine the size selection.

How to maintain

Although Victoria’s Gathering underwear is excellent, maintenance is essential.It is recommended to wash it with hand or cold water, and add some laundry fluids appropriately. Do not wash it with a washing machine.Avoid exposure after cleaning, just air dry.In addition, Wei Mi should not wear too long to gather underwear to avoid affecting the comfort and life of wearing.

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Brand sustainability

Victoria’s Gathering underwear promotes sustainable production and consumption, which aims to reduce the impact on the environment.The brand is committed to promoting environmental protection awareness and adopting a series of measures to ensure the development and production of environmentally friendly products.

Recommended style

Victoria’s Gathering underwear has a rich product line and has a variety of different styles. Each style has its own characteristics.Among them, the "Bombshell" series and "Very Sexy" series are well -known products of the brand. It is recommended to consider these two series when buying.


As a well -known internationally renowned brand, Victoria’s lingerie has a higher price.Generally speaking, the price of a Victoria’s Meeting bras is between $ 50-200.However, sometimes the brand will launch promotional activities, or there are discounted products in some online stores, and the price will be more affordable.

in conclusion

In summary, Victoria’s Gathering underwear is a sexy, comfortable and effective underwear product.When buying underwear products, consumers are advised to do it according to their bust, lower busts, cups, and tailor -made to obtain a perfect gathering effect.I believe that under the support of Victoria’s gathering of underwear, each woman can have a more confident and beautiful breast, making them more charming.