Sex underwear trademark design

Sex underwear trademark design

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Interest underwear trademarks are one of the important parts of the brand. The design not only affects the brand image and recognition, but also plays an important differentiation role in market competition.Therefore, designing a successful sexy underwear trademark is very important.

Section 2: Design Principles

When designing sexy underwear trademarks, you need to follow the following principles:


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Easy to identify and memory

Like brand positioning

Aesthetic trend in line with the sexy underwear market

3rd paragraph: logo type

The types of sexy underwear trademarks are diverse, mainly including glyph logos, graphic signs, hybrid marks, etc.Designers need to choose the most suitable trademark type according to the brand’s positioning and needs.

Fourth paragraph: glyph logo design

The glyph sign is a trademark design based on letters, numbers, Chinese characters and other forms.In the sexy underwear industry, common glyph trademarks include Victoria ’s Secret, La Perla, etc.The design of these trademarks uses exquisite fonts to make it look very noble and elegant.

Fifth paragraph: graphic logo design

The graphic logo is a trademark based on various graphics, shapes or patterns.In the sexy underwear industry, the graphic logo is generally designed with elements such as female images, flowers, butterflies.For example, the "pink girl" trademark designed by Agent Provocateur and the "Butterfly" trademark designed by Aubade is very recognizable.

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Section 6: Mixed Trademark Design

Hybrid trademarks are reflected in both glyphs and graphics, or the iconic text description is added to design trademarks.This trademark enhances the influence of trademarks on consumers from two aspects: glyphs and graphics.For example, Chantelle’s trademark uses a combination of graphics and text to combine text and hair edge design to show a harmonious trademark image.

Seventh paragraph: color design

Color is an important part of trademark design.In the sexy underwear industry, common colors include pink, black, red, etc.These colors can convey the brand’s sexy temptation and beauty characteristics.

Eighth paragraph: font design

In the design of sexy underwear trademarks, font design is particularly important.Under normal circumstances, the fonts used in trademark design should have the characteristics of clear and easy -to -read, full of artistic atmosphere.For example, the trademark of Dita Von Teese uses a handwriting font of the famous font Rian Hughes, and has been carefully produced and adjusted.

Section 9: Case Analysis

The classic sexy underwear trademarks include Victoria’s secrets, Clarins, La Fang and other brands.The trademark design of these brands focuses on simple memory and highlighting the characteristics of the brand.For example, the design of the Victoria’s Secret Trademark uses a simple and generous glyph, and a iconic angel element is added.

Section 10: Conclusion

The design of sexy underwear trademarks needs to follow the design specifications and principles, select the suitable trademark type and color, and use the appropriate font.On this basis, combined with brand positioning and needs, actual operation and creation of a successful sexy underwear trademark.