Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Number

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Number

What is sexual and emotional 内 性 性 性?

Sexuality Fun underwear is a term proposed by Japan, which is used to customize a variety of sexy lingerie.It is mainly used to mark and classify different types of sexy underwear.


In the sexual emotional and interesting underwear industry, the number is classified according to different factors such as color, materials and styles.Among them, the most basic classification method is to classify according to color, which usually includes black, blue, pink, red and white.

The purpose of sex and emotional lingerie

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The main use of the number is to track the sales and inventory of sexy underwear.Through the number, the sales staff can track the sales of each sexy underwear and determine when to re -order more sexy underwear.

The meaning of the number

In the number, there are generally two letters and several numbers.The first two letters usually represent the brand, while the numbers represent different types or versions of the product.For example, in the TENGA brand, the first two letters represent the brand, and the number of the latter represents different types of the product.


In sexual feelings, the hooding industry is very important.It can help sales staff accurately track sales, inventory and supply information.If the number is implemented properly, the sex underwear company can more effectively manage its own inventory and increase sales efficiency.

How to identify the number

To find a number of sexy underwear, you can try to check the product label or the number on the packaging.The number is usually printed on a small label on the packaging, or it is printed on the label inside the sexy underwear.

Evolution of the number

Over time, the significance of the number in the sexual feelings of the sexual relationship is also changing.At first, it was just to help sales staff track inventory and sales.However, as the number of sexy underwear in the market continues to increase, the number has become an important means for brand promotion and sales.


Chinese version number

Although the number was initially proposed by Japan, the Chinese version is now widely used in the Chinese market.These Chinese version numbers usually use the mixed combinations of letters and numbers, such as A1, B2, and so on.


With the popularity of the Internet and the development of logistics technology, the piracy of the sex underwear number has gradually received much attention.As a result, some sexual erotic lingerie companies have begun to use various technical means to avoid piracy and replication of sexy underwear numbers.


Sexual feelings are an important term, which is used to mark and classify sexy underwear.Through the number, sales staff can track sales and inventory more effectively to improve sales efficiency.Although the number was originally only to manage inventory and sales, it has now become an important impact on brand promotion and sales.