Sexual underwear training girlfriend series novels

Sexual underwear training girlfriend series novels


Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that can increase sex and sexy. Most underwear shops are sold.This article will introduce a method of using sexy underwear to teach girlfriends.

Step 1: Choose sexy underwear

It is important to choose the right sexy underwear.You can choose according to your girlfriend’s body shape, preferences and needs.The types include adult erotic underwear, European and American sexy underwear and sexy lingerie.You should choose the styles and colors that your girlfriend can accept.

Step 2: Creative imagination

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Use sexy underwear to train girlfriends to be creative and imaginative.It can be imagined that a room is arranged as a love theme, ordered the fragrant candle, placing rose petals and heart balloons on the bed to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

Step 3: Put on sexy underwear

Helping your girlfriend put on sexy underwear to increase intimacy and interest atmosphere.It is recommended to carry out in the locker room to increase some tension.

Step 4: Show, play and model

After girlfriend put on a sexy underwear, she can make her play a model in the room and show her advantages.You can use the mirror to appreciate her beauty and perfect figure.

Step 5: Create some role -playing

Interest underwear is not only to pursue comfort and sexy, but also to play a role.You can try some special sex role -playing, such as doctors, police, school teachers.This will increase the fun and excitement of sexual life.

Step 6: Try some small games

Sex underwear can be used to make some mini -games.For example, you can add some small toys under the sexy underwear, such as bow or other small decorations to increase interest.

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Step 7: Adjusting your girlfriend’s emotions

During sexy underwear, girlfriend’s emotions are very important.She needs to judge her emotional state and adjust it in time to achieve the best sexual effect.

Step 8: Try to make new things

You can try new sexy underwear, and can even be expanded to more irritating and creative things.

Step 9: Follow the reaction of his girlfriend

When using sexy underwear to teach girlfriends, you need to pay attention to your girlfriend’s response.If she finds that she is not satisfied or uncomfortable, adjust and improve in time.This will help strengthen feelings and help you get a better sex life.

Step 10: Summary

Fun underwear training girlfriend needs more creativity and imagination.You cannot be bound by usual thinking, but you should try new things.This will help increase the fun and taste of life.


Fun underwear training girlfriend is a sexual activity that needs attention.It is necessary to maintain mutual communication and respect to build a solid relationship.At the same time, pay attention to patience and meticulous to get the best results.