Sexy lingerie fake chest picture Daquan Collection

Sexy lingerie fake chest picture Daquan Collection

Note: The content of this article is for reference only. If there is any improper, please give me more advice, and also remind readers to buy and use erotic underwear within the legal scope.

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H2 title: What is a sexy underwear fake chest?

In sexy underwear, fake chest is also a common product.False chest is a product that simulates female chests. For flat chests, it is not necessary to meet the personal needs of the wearer.It generally uses polymer materials, which increases three -dimensional and fullness to the chest under the premise of healthy and harmless.Below, let’s take a look at the full collection of pictures of sexy lingerie.

H2 title: Types of sexy lingerie fake chest

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There are many types of sexy underwear fake chests, which can generally be divided into the following four categories: 1. chest pads; 2. Fill the cup; 3. increase the face of all -in -one fake chest; 4. Full set of fake chest.These false chests are different in shape, size, and usage. Consumers should choose the products that are most suitable for themselves in accordance with their own needs and occasions.

H2 title: transparent patch chest pad

Transparent patch chest pad is a kind of chest pad with a transparent appearance, which is divided into three sizes, namely A, B, C.The chest pads are made of silicon material, and the patch design is very convenient to use.At the same time, the appearance of the transparent chest pad is very natural, and after putting it on, the phenomenon of the underwear is avoided by the chest pad.

H2 Title: Zengyan integration fake chest

The comprehensive fake chest is different from ordinary chest pads. It can sculpt the chest shape and enhance the fullness of the chest.In addition, Zeng Yan integrated fake breasts also have pink colors, which can add sexy taste to the breast.However, this kind of fake chest is most suitable for women with the size of the chest to A to B. Big breasts are a bit inconvenient to wear.

H2 title: fill cup

The filling cup is also called "chest pad", which is a kind of chest filling material, which is made of silicone, water bags, air bags and other filled materials.This product can be placed in underwear, and can also add chest pads to swimming clothes and yoga clothes.However, it is worth noting that the use of underwear filled with a cup will also cause sagging of the chest. Improper use is easy to slide, affecting daily use.

H2 title: full set of fake breasts

A full set of fake chests, similar to the filling cup, can make the chest fuller through the method of installing silicone and water bottle in the underwear cup.Unlike the filling cup, the full set of fake chests is more three -dimensional, wearing better visual effects, and can even highlight certain elasticity.


H2 title: fake chest classified by cup type

According to the model of the chest cup, the fake chest can be divided into three types: 1. full cup; 2.3/4 cups; 3.1/2 cups.The full cup of fake chest is the most complete, which can cover the entire chest.3/4 cups of fake chest covering area is slightly smaller, suitable for spring and autumn.1/2 cup of fake chest only cover part of the chest, which is generally only used for wearing clothes such as suspenders, back, and other clothes.

H2 title: fake breasts of different colors

The color of the fake chest is also diverse.The color of the fake chest on the market now has skin tone, black, white, pink, etc. Different products of these colors have different effects on different occasions.

H2 Title: False Underwear False chest maintenance

After buying fake chest products, how to maintain it is also very important.False chests generally need to be carefully washed with water.You usually need to pay special attention when you wear it, it is best to remove it before exercising, sleeping or bathing.Especially for a long time, wearing fake chest is not good for the human body. If you encounter discomfort, you should give up as soon as possible.

H2 title: Appropriate wear occasion

False chest is a very sexy sexy underwear product, suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as party, cosplay, sex fun, etc.In daily life, wearing moderate underwear can better care for your health.

in conclusion:

After the above introduction, we can know that there are many types of sexy underwear’s fake chest products. Choosing the right fake breasts need to make correct decisions according to personal preferences and needs.Buying and using sexy lingerie fake chest products also need to be standardized. Compared with many aspects such as brands, materials, origin and price, etc., to ensure that the product is healthy, harmless, high -quality, and suitable for you.