Sexy lingerie seductive movies

Sexy lingerie seductive movies


As a unique clothing, sexy underwear has always attracted people’s attention, especially the plot in the movie is even more unforgettable.In this article, we will discuss the sexy underwear in several movies and explore how these seductive clothing shows their perfect appearance in the movie.

Black lace underwear in "Fatal Temptation"

This movie makes us see the dazzling sexy lingerie style.Among them, the heroine put on black lace underwear at a ball, which completely obsessed with the audience.Compared with other sexy underwear, black lace underwear is more elegant and noble, and has unparalleled depth.

White stockings and short underwear in "Readers"

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In this movie, the heroine wears white stockings and short underwear, showing a gentle temperament.This kind of dress also fits the theme of the movie -love, which makes the audience feel the comfort of this beautiful emotion.

Rose red corset in "Titanic"

This is a well -known movie. In addition to the protagonist’s love story, the heroine’s picture in the movie in the movie also impressed the audience.This color and style of sexy underwear reminds people of passion and romance, and also show the sexy and charming of the heroine.

Purple vest underwear in "Transformers"

Even in action movies, sexy underwear can fully show the charm of women.In "Transformers", the heroine appeared in front of the audience wearing a purple vest underwear.This simple and bold shape makes people attract at a glance.

Red lace underwear in "Beauty of Light"

This is a movie with red as the main color. The heroine is also wearing a red lace underwear in the film.Such sexy styles and colors are reminiscent of passion and enthusiasm, showing the enthusiasm and confidence of the heroine.

Black transparent underwear in "Queen of Prada"

The plot in this movie allows people to understand the inside story of the fashion industry, and also shows sexy underwear.The heroine appeared in black transparent underwear in the movie, showing her sexy and noble temperament.


Pink lace underwear in "Old Nothing"

The plot in this movie makes people feel the existence of love and passion after the age.The heroine wears pink lace underwear in the movie, reminiscent of gentleness and romance, and conveying a sunny attitude.

Black leather underwear in "Seduction Game"

This movie makes people see a completely different style of sexy underwear.Black leather underwear presents the courage and unscrupulous expression of women with its unique and amazing handmade art.

Red tube top underwear in "City of Sin"

This is a black movie, which is very coordinated with color and theme.The heroine appeared in front of the audience in a red tube top underwear. Her charming and charm made the audience experience the depth and complexity of the movie.

in conclusion

In these movies, the design and style of sexy underwear are incorporated into the story of the movie and played an important role.These brands and styles have amazing charm and quality, and they can be perfectly interpreted whether they are sexy, romantic, fashion or courage.