Sexy underwear ball

Sexy underwear ball

Fun underwear ball: Unknown sex experience

What is sexy underwear ball

Interest underwear balls are a kind of sexual tool for port restrictions.It is usually composed of a hard sphere and a band, hanging the sphere and inserting it into the user’s mouth, making it unable to speak and breathe.


Pocketball is usually made of hard materials, such as plastic or rubber.The rubber material is softer and more durable, but plastic mouthball is easier to clean.

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The size of the mouthball is selected according to the size of the user’s mouth.If the mouthball is too small, it will fall out during use. If it is too large, the user will feel uncomfortable.


The color of the sexy lingerie is usually black or red, but there are other colors.Black and red are the most popular choices because they have a mysterious and attractive feeling.

The benefits of using sex underwear mouth

Using sexy underwear balls can bring you a new sex experience.It can provide a sense of restraint and control, enhance sexual desire and pleasure.It can also add some fun and excitement to sex scenes.

Appropriate way of use

Before using the sexy lingerie, you need to ensure the safety of the user.Do not use portal balls for a long time, so as not to breathe smoothly.Clean and disinfect before use to avoid spreading infection diseases.

Use sexy underwear mouth balls to pay attention to


When using a sexy underwear ball, if the user has some feeling of hindering breathing, it should be stopped immediately and removes the mouthball from the user’s mouth.If the user suddenly feels unwell during use, he should stop using a mouthball and remove other strap restraints.

The application of sexy underwear mouth ball

Interest underwear balls are suitable for sex games and SM and other sex activities.It can increase the drama effect and stimulus, but when used in sex activities, it should ensure the safety and comfort of the user.

Diversity of sexy underwear ball products

There are many different types of erotic underwear ball products on the market, including different materials, different sizes and different colors.Some products are also equipped with other accessories, such as cat eye cover and milk clips to provide a comprehensive sexual experience.

Whether the sexy lingerie is suitable for you

Using sexy underwear balls is a private sex choice, so it may be suitable for people in some cases, but it is not suitable for some people.Before deciding whether to use a sexy lingerie, consider your health and safety, and decide whether it is suitable for your preferences and needs.


The use of sexy underwear balls is a very irritating sex experience, but you need to pay attention to safety and comfort.Before selecting sexy underwear, you should understand the different types and usage methods of oral balls in order to make a wise choice.