Sexy underwear Beauty Model Recruitment Information

Sexy underwear Beauty Model Recruitment Information

Recruitment background

In order to better promote and show our company’s sexy underwear products, we urgently need several beauty models to be filmed.Our company is preparing to sell on major shopping websites and its own e -commerce platforms, so a large number of photos and videos need to be taken.If you are a passionate and talented model, join us!

Recruitment requirements

1. The age is between 20 and 35 years old, and height is above 165cm.

2. The facial features are upright, the temperament is outstanding, and has a certain artistic expression ability and a certain makeup skills.

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3. We must have higher self -requirements and perfect pursuit, and have a serious and responsible attitude towards work.

4. Those who have shooting experience and related documents are preferred.

Job Responsibilities

1. Carry out the shooting of sexy underwear according to the setting and design requirements;

2. Have certain art knowledge and basic photography knowledge, and know how to cooperate with photographers and makeup artists to complete the task;

3. Models need to understand how to coordinate the body and emotions, and can show the sexy underwear better and more truly;

4. Models need to have basic styles such as fashion, entertainment, and culture, and can play a good role in communicating and collaborating at the shooting site.


1. The company provides a good working environment and necessary conditions for completing tasks;


2. The salary is determined according to the experience and ability of the model.

3. The company will provide professional photographers and makeup artists for each model to ensure that each model can shoot in the best state;

4. The company treats each model carefully and builds a good partnership.

Application process

1. Send your resume to the company’s designated mailbox, the resume indicates the relevant information of the application model;

2. The company reviews the resume and reply to the application results within 5-7 working days;

3. Candidates who meet the conditions conduct interviews and on -site shooting performance tests;

4. Listed persons signed contracts and employment procedures.

End time of recruitment

This recruitment plan starts from now on, until the recruitment is full.

Related privacy protection

The company will strictly keep and protect your personal information. If you are not hired during the application process, we will delete all your personal information.At the same time, our company will strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations on the privacy issues of all candidates. The company will deal with relevant matters such as leakage.

Other Matters

1. Candidates should be responsible for the authenticity of the resume, and the enterprise does not bear any responsibility for false information;

2. Strictly control the number of clothing during the shooting process, and ensure that there is no shortage of clothes or loss of clothes at the front desk of the desk;

3. Reject any improper and immoral behavior. If there is such behavior, please report to the company in a timely manner that the company will deal with it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Beauty models are one of the best carriers of sexy underwear.While recruiting beautiful models, the company also hopes that every shooting can pass positive energy, showing a healthy and positive temperament.We are convinced that the best models selected will continue to struggle and progress towards higher and farther goals in the process of promoting health culture and promoting sexy underwear.