Sexy underwear bra

Sexy underwear bra

Understand the classification of love underwear bra

Interest underwear bra is an indispensable underwear in women’s wardrobes.It can change the proportion of figure and increase self -confidence when wearing uniforms or dresses.Different types of bras are suitable for women of different figures, so when buying bra, you must fully understand its classification and characteristics.Below is the classification of sexy underwear bra.

Full cup bra

The whole cup bra is a bra that completely covers the chest.It is usually suitable for large breasts, because it provides additional support and cover, preventing the chest from shaking in exercise, and emphasizing the chest shape.The design of the whole cup bra is simple, suitable for loose clothes.

Triangle Cup bra

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The triangular cup bra is a bray bra.This bra is usually suitable for small breasts, because it is simple in style and does not fill, only provides moderate support.Triangular Cup bra is suitable for wearing low -cut shirts or clothes.

Half cup bra

The half cup bra is a bra that covers half of the chest.This bra is usually suitable for medium or big breasts, because it provides partial support and semi -coverage, making physical balance easier to achieve.The half -cup bra is suitable for wearing low -cut or backless clothes.

Non -trace bra

No trace bra is a bray -free and filled bra.It can create a natural chest shape, while making women feel more natural and comfortable.The no bras are suitable for wearing personal clothes or tulle clothing.

Motion bra

Sports bra is a bra for women’s sports.It usually has a wide shoulder straps and higher strength support, which aims to reduce the shock and swing of the chest during exercise to avoid uncomfortable feelings.Sports bra are suitable for wearing various sports equipment.


The sticky chest paste is a patch without a fixed shoulder strap and only concentrated adhesion.It can create a natural shape similar to a bra, while avoiding tulle fabrics or open clothing that hinder the back.The sticky chest sticker is suitable for wearing back, thin shoulder straps and low -cut clothes.

Oil Shine

Thickened the bra

Thickening the bra is a bra with a cup with a variety of thickness.It can increase the size and plumpness of the chest, have a filling effect, and make the chest more prominent.Thicker filling bra is suitable for wearing costumes with tassels and drooping decorations, which can better display the curve of the body.

Shoulder strap bra

The brasless bra is a bra with a shoulder strap.It can create a natural effect of a brace -free bra, while avoiding shoulder straps.The shoulder strap bra is suitable for wearing off -shoulder, strap, and thin shoulder straps.

Lactating bra

Breastfeeding bra is a bra for maternal.It has a design that is convenient for breastfeeding and can easily open the cup.Breastfeeding bra is suitable for lactating mothers.

in conclusion

Each sex underwear bra has different characteristics and applicable occasions.When buying a bra, you should choose the type that is most suitable for you according to your body and needs to achieve the best results and the greatest comfort.