Sexy underwear catwalk full video online

Sexy underwear catwalk full video online

Sexy underwear catwalk opening

Recently, a grand erotic underwear catwatch opened in Shanghai, and many sexy underwear styles attracted everyone’s attention.This catwalk not only shows the latest and hottest sexy lingerie styles, but also is full of various creative elements, making the audience enjoy it.

Deep V style detonation scene

In the catwalk, the sexy style of deep V has become the focus. Common catwomies and rabbit girl dress all shows excellent charm.These deep V styles have made the men on the scene compete for taking pictures.

Belly -type underwear becomes a new favorite

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At the same time, bellyband underwear has also become the new favorite of the night, not only highlighting the healthy and stylish body, but also showing the sexy and wild side.

The transparent underwear is beautiful

When it comes to sexy underwear, you have to mention transparent styles.The transparent underwear is also shining in this catwalk, beautiful, and is very popular with the audience.

European and American styles

In terms of sexy underwear style, European and American style is also very eye -catching.Nude style, mesh design, etc. can show women’s softness and sexy.

Dress -up dress stunning the audience

In addition to the underwear style, the erotic underwear catwalk also has a stunning dress in the audience, such as ballet dance, light shows, etc., making the audience enjoy it.

Charm male model figure integrates

In this catwalk, the charming male model figure also merged into it, showing the good temperament and charm, making the entire show full of sexy atmosphere.

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Model figure shows eye -catching beauty

The whole show is full of amazing figure.Each model shows a fascinating temperament of healthy and self -confidence, bringing great visual enjoyment to the audience.

The atmosphere at the scene is warm

In such a sexy lingerie catwalk show, the audience at the scene suffered the enthusiasm of the atmosphere. The screams at the scene came one after another, and they really achieved the dual enjoyment of visual and hearing.

The perfect combination of fashion and sexy

The wonderful lingerie catwalk show is so exciting, showing the perfect combination of fashion and sexy, showing the unlimited charm of women.

Therefore, we can see that sexy underwear design has already gone out of simple sexy styles, but integrates fashion elements into the design to fully show women’s charm and self -confidence.