Sexy underwear COS Anime

Sexy underwear COS Anime

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a novel and ancient way of wearing, suitable for various occasions, such as parties, role -playing, and cosplay.With the rise of animation and game culture, more and more people have begun to wear sexy underwear to the characters in COSPLAY animation.This article will introduce the relevant knowledge and skills of sexy underwear COS anime.

2. Common types

Quota underwear COSPLAY is generally divided into two types: original restoration and adaptation.The original restoration refers to the shape of the original character as much as possible, and the adaptation is to innovate and change the original character to meet the needs of real life.Common COSPLAY makeup and clothing types can refer to the shape in the anime, or the COSPLAY props and clothing sold on the market.

3. Material and quality

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For sexy underwear COSPLAY, materials and quality are very important.To feel the texture, it is very important to choose materials with texture and specially treated materials, such as transparent mesh and bright fabrics.We must ensure that the tailoring and making skills are good, the luster and feel should be real, not a fake imitation like "meat color cloth".

4. Preparation work

Before starting cosplay, you need to prepare all related props and clothing, as well as cosmetics and hairstyles.The choice of cosmetics must meet the characteristics and personalities of the character. Hairstyles and wigs can be purchased or prepared by yourself.In addition, people with different figures and body shapes need to be adjusted and modified based on their own characteristics.

5. Dressing skills

In the process of sexy underwear COSPLAY, how do you coordinate sexy underwear with clothing, props and makeup?The first step is to understand the characteristics of the character, the second step is to reasonably match clothing and sexy underwear according to the character’s shape, and the third step is to reasonably choose props and feature cosmetics based on the character’s personality.Good results.

6. Note

In the process of cosplay, you need to pay attention to your behavior and words, especially in public.For sexy and sexy underwear COSPLAY, you also need to consider the feelings of the audience and social etiquette.In addition, you need to pay attention to safety issues, such as tight sexy underwear may limit your breathing and need to ensure your comfort.

7. How to take good -looking photos

After the cosplay is over, people often take pictures.How to take beautiful and beautiful photos?First of all, choose the right scene and background, secondly, use lighting and camera shooting techniques. Finally, adjust the post -processing and select the appropriate photo software for post -refinement.

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8. Cosplay culture of ethnic minorities

In addition to the traditional Cosplay, the ethnic cosplay culture has become more and more popular.They integrate their unique culture and traditions into it in Cosplay, with a view to feeling the charm and attractiveness of their culture.They expressed their own personality and aesthetic concepts with the help of cosplay, and also represent a phenomenon of cultural exchanges and recognition.

9. Risk and return

Like any hobbies and special lifestyles, there are risks and rewards in the COSPLAY COSPLAY.In addition to being praised by the audience and teammates, more importantly, more importantly to improve their performances, production and public speeches in addition to being praised by the audience and teammates.It is very necessary.

10. Conclusion

Quoto underwear COSPLAY is not only a tribute to animation, but also a self -expression of life and art.In COSPLAY, you need to discover your own characteristics to reflect the charm of personalized, as well as respect and tolerance for cultural exchanges and diversity.