Sexy underwear forty -five years old

Sexy underwear forty -five years old

The history of sex lingerie

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, refers to those underwear that adds fun and improve sexual quality.This concept has risen in the West, and has gradually introduced to China after years of development.Early sexy underwear is mainly sexy, lace and other women’s underwear. However, with the increase in the diversity and personalized needs of sexual expression, the form of sexy underwear is becoming more and more diverse.

Sex underwear type

Interesting underwear can be divided into multiple types in terms of style, such as exposing sexy underwear, three -point sexy underwear, hanging socks, sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear and so on.There are also many choices in materials: cotton, silk, hollow lace, cashmere and so on.When buying sexy underwear, you must choose the most suitable styles and materials according to your body, skin quality and personal preference, so as to achieve the best dressing effect.

The role of sexy underwear

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Interest underwear can not only make women more sexy and charming, but also make sexual life more interesting and changing.The same underwear, wearing different people, shows completely different effects.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, choose the right underwear according to factors such as your body, personality, and occasion.For example, you can select sexy perspective underwear during dinner or party, and you can wear some light and comfortable sexy underwear at home.

Size in sex underwear

The size problem of sexy underwear also needs to be paid attention to.Because of the particularity of the material and style of sexy underwear, it often needs to be more personal than ordinary underwear, so the selection of size is particularly critical.Before buying a sexy underwear, it is best to measure your body size, and then select the appropriate size according to the size watch.

Falling underwear maintenance

Good erotic underwear must not only choose the right style and size, but also pay attention to maintenance.For the more delicate and sexy underwear, it is best to use hand washing to clean it, and use a special underwear cleaning solution for washing.When drying, you should also avoid directly exposure to the sun.This can extend the life of sexy underwear.

Sex underwear matching

The combination of sexy underwear and coats also needs to pay attention to.For example, you can put a vest -style sexy underwear in the open clothes, so that it will not expose the back, but also show sexy charm; or choose a simpler sexy underwear when putting on a suspender skirt.Highlight the delicateness and texture of the skin.

Falling underwear prices

The price of sexy underwear is very different. Generally speaking, the price is between tens of yuan and thousands of yuan.Different brands, styles and materials all affect the price of sexy underwear.When buying, choose suitable sexy underwear according to your economic strength and needs.

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Applicable crowd of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is not only suitable for young women. For 40-50 years old women with a certain life experience and sexual experience, wearing appropriate erotic underwear can also add new fun to their sexual life.In addition, for women over the age of 50, sexy underwear can keep themselves young and attitude.

Choose the right sexy underwear in combination with personal conditions

In short, sexy underwear, as a clothing that focuses on wearing sensory and visual effects, can provide women with more diverse choices and add sex.However, when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose the appropriate material, style and size in combination with your own situation and needs, so as to exert the greatest effect of sexy underwear.


Sex is an important part of human life, so the aesthetics that pursuing the body in sex is also a kind of enjoyment in life.And sex underwear provides us with a way to realize this wish.Of course, you must be cautious when choosing a sexy underwear, and you must not ignore other factors just because of good -looking.