Sexy underwear free 70kg


There are a variety of sexy underwear. Some are sexy outfit to increase women’s charm, and some are to create a romantic atmosphere.But there is a kind of sexy underwear that allows women to achieve the fun effect even after not taking off, that is, free 70kg underwear.

What is free 70kg underwear

70kg underwear is a special sexy underwear. Its design allows women to maintain neat clothes and meet the strong needs of sex.As its name, the free 70kg underwear is a underwear that can be directly worn in the state of keeping dress. It uses high -strength and extremely comfortable materials to withstand the weight of up to 70 kg.

How to achieve 70kg bearing capacity

How is such a high load -bearing ability?The key is to adopt a special thin -shaped non -trace support structure design, which is more in line with ergonomics than traditional underwear design, and can reach the maximum bearing capacity without any discomfort.In addition, this underwear design is more in line with women’s different chest shapes and need support effects. Unlike the traditional tight underwear’s sense of oppression and imperceptor on the body, it ensures the highest wearing comfort.


The use of 70kg underwear is very simple. Before use, you can adjust the appropriate location and looseness of the underwear according to your needs to make the underwear more personal and comfortable.At the same time, due to its special design, you can directly wear various daily activities without worrying about the problem of underwear falling off.In addition, because the free 70kg underwear can replace the role of normal underwear to a certain extent, you can put on clothes and go out directly. Don’t worry about the problem of inappropriate clothes to wear.

For people

Free 70kg underwear suitable for women with the following needs:

Women hope that the strong demand for sex in daily life

Women who need to achieve the effect of sex without undressing

Need to show women with different personality on special occasions

Women who need to get better support and protect when normal underwear is not insured

How to choose the right size

Choosing the right size is the key to using free 70kg underwear.The size of the size will cause the underwear to be loose and not tight enough. Small choice will affect the comfort and smoothness of the wear.It is generally recommended to choose according to the number of numbers corresponding to the Chinese size. If you are still worried that your size is wrong, you can consult the owner or online professionals before purchasing.

Clean maintenance of 70kg underwear

Because it is a special style of underwear, special cleaning is needed.In order to extend the life span and use effect of underwear, the following points should be paid attention to:

Do not use the washing machine to clean it, you can only wash it by hand

It is recommended to use neutral washing solution or special underwear cleaning solution

Do not use bleach

Do not use the dryer to dry, you can only dry it

the way of buying

There are many types of free 70kg underwear, including a variety of different colors, different materials, and different styles of underwear, which can be purchased according to their own needs and preferences.You can buy it through e -commerce platforms or adult products stores, but pay attention to quality and credibility issues, especially when buying on a third -party platform, you need company reputation and evaluation.

in conclusion

Free 70kg underwear is an innovative sexy underwear that allows women to achieve interesting effect without undressing.Its special design and load -bearing capabilities make women feel more comfortable after putting on, which can reflect the charm of personality and meet the needs of sex.

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